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J0ÍVlSITNG Detroit, lor t]ie purcliose of Dry C.ooda, Paper ÍTangings. or Fenlhers. whilé goiog ihié ronnds to asccrtain the various Btyles or priees ot' Goods n the ciiy, are icquestcd to cali nt W. A. Saymond's Store, o. 148, JetVerson Avenue, bcing one dournbove 13 tes St. nnd next door to t'ie ifManhaiuin Storo." Tlic undersigned hus tdken n greni deal of pains in selectmg his goods to ptít faSnionablc siyles and deáinib!0 qüaliíiés itnd he iö conlideiit thíí liis aesortment partibtilaHy o' sucli goods as ar: tlcsirable for ihu cuuntry trade, sas complete aa nny in the city. He lias on hand Ginghams, Biiuines, Lüwns, Muslin de Laincs, Calic es of every JVJiilis, hactti, [iyIc; Kïlaiii'-is, liibbons, Panisals. Shnls, Dicss IJandkcrchieft; Cravais, Scarii, Veils. Gloves. Hosiery, Ala);icis, Hrown Linens, Flcachfd Linen, Tnble covers, 'l'uwchiii;. SmniiiKS. Shreiings. Can:brics. Mu !i,;3, iilacli. lilue black and funcy dress Silks, Bonnet Silks, Linen Canibric iiandkercl.iüfs.. ALSO, BROAD CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, SATINETTSj VESTINGS?, FULL CLOTUS, MÖLESKtN, DIULLINGS, BLACK AND FAJCCY CRAVATS, And indeed, almoBi every nrírcle lte!o;)L:iní' to the Dry Goods huíitífia Ai! ';f v.I-icii v. i:l bc sold at the ven loica;! rutes, lor Cash Cali iwkI soe lor you!oivcs - none art tebted io byy if ility do nut fiod priccs'iull na luw. tiUiOI a littlt lowcr lima clscwhcre. W. A. RAYMOVI). Detroit, Mny 2:,15. 'JKS-linv.


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