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Poetry: Never Give Up!

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N ever give up! it is wis-er nnd beiter Alway6 to hope thnn ot cc to despair, Fling off the load of Doubi'u caukering fetter, And brenk the dnrk ppell of tyrannical care: Never give up! or the burthen mny eink you - Providnce Iia6 kindly mingled the cup, And in all trinis ond troubles, bethink yon, The watchword oflifemust be.Nevergiveup Ncvr give up! there are chances and chnngee Uelping the Impeful u hundrpd Lo one, And. ihro' the chaos, Hifíh Wisdom arnmgei Ever 6uoces6 - if you'il otily hope on: Never pive np! for tho wisest is boldest, Knovinr thnt ProviJence mingles the cup, And of all mnxitns the best, as the oldest, I the true ratchword of Nevtr give up. Never give up! tho' the grnpe-shot niay rattle, Or the full tli'jnder-( 1 nd over you burs', Stand like a rock, and the storm or the ballle Little Khai! hurm yoi, ll.o' d.-ing wurst : Never give up! if adveraity preseö Providence wirfely has niingled the cup, An.l the be-.t counsel, in all your dibtresües, Is the stout watchword of Never give up!