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Cass Liberty Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty

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The friends of Liberty n the County of Cass, met at the Court House in Cassopolis, on Salurday, Sept. 6, 1845. Pur6unn'. tono tice previously given, the meeling wus called to order by oppointiiig Parker B. Osburn, President, and Wells Crumb, Secretary. Whereas this County was not repre6ented at our State Convention, whicli nominated James G. Birney for Governor, and N. M. Thomas for Lieut. Governor, it was Resolved, That thia Convention heattily concur in said nomination. Resolved, That Zcnae Sikcs, from Van Bu-ren County take a s-eat witli us as a delégate from said County. On motion of Z. Sikes, Resolved, That this Convention nomínate two candidatos lor representatives to our next Leisldlnrn. Resolved, That I he nominationbe made by ballot, on whicb Wm, S. Elï.iot, nnd David T. Nicklksün, wcre duly nominaied. Parker Odborn, Jaliial C. Saxton, Aaron Brown, Win. Jones, Ishuiael Lee, and Eleson Ofiborn, wcre appointed delegates to ottend the Senatorial Convention, to be held at Schuolcraft on the 25tb inst. Parker B. Oáborn, Wells Crumb, nnd Aaron Brown were appointed a Corrcspondinjf Com mittee. Dr. Anthony, from Centreville, then addressed the audience witii nmny nppropriate remarks.


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