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Dr. Wistar's Balsam Of Wild Cherry

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Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry - In the endeavoring to impress upon the minds of our citizens the superior efficacy of this invaluable remedy for Consumption and Pulmonary Diseases in general, we wish to assure our readers that we are actuated solely by a desire to benefit the afflicted. Our faith in the remedy is founded upon the universal success attending its use, and we fully believe that the most faithless and incredulous,after witnessing its surprising virtues, will no longer doubt that "Consumption may be cured." Such indeed is the fact, and so astonishing have been the cures effected by the Balsam, that it may in justice be considered the greatest triumph in the "healing art" that has yet been achieved. And we are satisfied,from out experiences, that there are thousands now lingering upon the brink of the grave under a disease of the lungs, in some form, who may be rescued from an early death, and restored to perfect health by the timely use of this medicine. W. S. &. J. W. MAYNARD, Agents for Ann Arbor.