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"Wistar's Balsam Of Wild Cherry."

"Wistar's Balsam Of Wild Cherry." image
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The grent succcss nttending the use of this Balsom in Pulmonary Diseases, having naturally attracted the attemion of physicians and oth ers, varieus opinions and surmiscs have arisen wilh regard to ita component prts, aome have supposed it to contain iodine, others mercury, etc, and to such substances they nttribute il exiraordinary eificacy. Such opinions bein entirely erroneous, and calculatod to prejudice many persons againat the medicino, we pledge ourselves that it contains nothing of the kind, or anyihing the least injurious; on thecontrury. itiscomposed principolly of simple subsfartces. The Moss oflceland, ihe Wild Clierry and Pin: of our northern latitudes, nre the principa! ingie lients in the compound. The great secret of iia eiïicacy consista in the tncthod by which they are p:epared. Such in fact is the nature nnd eimplicity of this medicino, so powerful in action, yet sr mild, safe and pleasant in ita operation, that it might be justly trmed, "Xature's oion prescription." and although but two yeart have elapsed since'eince it was lust made public, we can proudly say t has acquired a celebrity unprecedented by any medicine iu use, and i evidently destined to become the most populai and valuablo medicine ever discovered, For sale at Mnynards, Ann irbor.