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Under this hcid. wo prnpose to continue thr liftmè, business, nnd plnec. of all who ndvertiso in the Signn], frrc of cha ge, during the time llicir ndvertisericnts continuo in the paper. W. S. & J. W. Maynar, Druggists, Ann Arlor. Ui Kvnr.n Sí Abbott, Dry Goods. Detroit. Ballock &. Raysionu, Rcady .Made Ciuthing, Detroit. S. W. Fostkh, &.Co., Woolcn Minufacturi:re. Scio. W. A. IIaymond. Dry Goods, Detroit. E. O &. A. Ckittknton, Smut Maclmipf. Ann Arlor. S.vsroiii) &. Park. Druggisis, Cincinnnti. W. R. Noyi.3, Ju. Siovts &. Hardware, Deroit. F. J. B. Crane, Insurance Office, Ann Arbor. II. Gukgory, Sush and Blind Moker, Ann Arbor. G. F. Lrwis, Exehnnsre Broker. Detroit. T. Bi.acxwjod. Homicpatliist, Ypsilanti. D. L. La 'Iourette, Linseed Oil Pactory, Long I.ake Cai.v n Bliss. Jeweller, Ann Arbor. W R. 1'xkhy, Book Store, Ann Arbor. P. B. llivi.KV, Tempcrnnee House, Dutroit. Uakiuí vt Wij.liams, Steam Foundry, Am Arbor. E. G. Burger, Dcntist. Ann Arbor. H. &. R. Paktriuck. Muchtne Mnkcrs. An Arbor. T. A. ÍIavii.ant), Reñí Estáte, Ann Arbor. Knapp &,, Machine Makers, An Arbor. J. Hoi.mks & Co., Dry Goodf-, Detroit.