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All our readers nre anxioue to knmv wnai '" 5 Lopislature i doing. We con nnswer n Ifa dozen words - tryivg to reduce the pay their successors. The-threé-dollar a-dayrtion, to stave off a reduction of thcir own P y, have been hammcring on a joint l m lo diminish the pay of their successors. - re will give a portion of the talk on this _ bject next week . The result is thua slated ■ ihe Ádverti.ser: pThe House yesternay pnsFeci a jhr iwumuu in for an amrulment of the constitiition, linjj the pny of memberB hercafter nt &3 a m) y for the first JO lays, nnd Si 50 a doy W( êrcofter. The scheme will prove abortive. lic people at the nrxi TM fleciion will inke is rrvitter into tht-ir own hands, nnd ïeduce r e pay without wniiinjr for on nmendmcnt of tic o constitution. ünr Whip friends adhered $2 a day for ihe firsl SO days, and 1 ec lereafter. ' . L Monday, Jan. 19. 1846. . Senate.-Mt. Smith oñered a - on for the printing of '200 additional L ies of the message of the Governor in j, ie Frencl) and Germán languages, pro-l ided no additional cost be incurred U, ept for paper and press work, which ras agreed to. L The bilí lo incorpórate the Adnan linury was read a third time and passed. r The Señale in committee of the whole onsidered the joint resolution relativeto g n amcndment of the constitution in ation 1o the pay of members, which was rdered to be engrosscd for a third npr. The bill to equalize the valuation ot operïy between the several counties, ld to establish its minimum for purposes s ; taxation, was, taken up. Upon the P sneral principie involved in the bill, of P lacing the minimum on wild lands at ' 1 25 per acre, a discussion ensued in r hich several Senators participated, hen the bill was laid on the table. The Senate then adjóurned. House. - A number of petitions of a ( rivale and local nature were presented t nd referred to commiltees. Mr. Peck, f rom committee on federal t elations?, reported the joint resolutions ( n Oregon, wilh a substitute, which fere referred to committee of the whole. Mr. Handsffereda resolution that the "opographer of the State furnish the louse askeleton map of that part of the State included between the south line and he northern line of Midland and Oceana ountios; which was adopted.The bul to incorpórate vanan ( ary was received from the Senate - reaci t tvice and referred. The House went into committeeof ihe { hole on theOregon resolutions, Mr. T. ( ,ewis in the chair. The committee ( lorted progress and asked leave to sit gain, when the House took a recess till ( lalfpast two o'clock. , Afternoom. - The House went into } :ommittee of the whole on the Oregon ] esolutions. After some debate, they veré passed Tuesday, Jan. 20, 1846. Senate. - Reports were received from ;everal committees, principally of a primate nat-ure. The joint resolution proposing an alteration of the constitution in relation to the pay of members, (fixing the pay at S3 per day for the fust 40 days, nnd 81,50 for every day exceeding 40,) was then road the third time, and the question being on its passage, the same was passed, yeas 17, Raya 1 - Mr. Allen in the negative. The resolutions of the House in relato the American claim to the territory of Oregon wefe received from the House and twice read and laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. The President announced the special order of the day, being the election case of Coe . Danforth, for the seat now held by the latter Senator.Mr. Chipman otiered as a substitute a series of resol utions, counting nll the votes given, and declaring Geo. A. Coe duly elected. Mr. C. supported his substitute in a speech of somelength. Mr. Danforth replied. In the county of Eaton, where those ballots for Mr. Cote were given, there is a local división. In one town, where there is a democratie majority of 200, he (Mr. D.) received not a single vote. In the votes given, where the name was abbreviated, he (Mr. D.) had been assured that the persons voting themíntended'to throw their votes away. In consequence of the local divisions, they were unwilling to vote for the whig candidate, and would not vote for the democratie candidate in consei énee of a difference in politics. He the D.) had not known that a contest wic ild be attempted until he arrived at i Arbor on his way to take his seat. tioi the contrary ho had been assured cy i leaving home, that no eflbrt would daj nade to contest his right lo a ice be had been unable to tioi ce. He had asked no time from the mil imittee having the matter in charge, to ause of his anxiety to have the matter for ïrmined. f Jr. Littlejohn offered as a substituto - Mr. Chipman's resolutions, a series laring that the Senate cannot go d the ballot box to enquire the inten1 of voters, and that the only legitite evidence must be taken from the e of the ballot and the evidence firs lied by the returning officer. After ie debate the question was iaken on pri . Littlejohn's substituto, and lost. w Phe question. then recurring on Mr. i. amendment, it was lost. p Fhe Senate then adj. until 2i o'clock. . A.FTERNOON. - The afternoon session r sconsumed on the contested election !e, when, after debate, a resolution, ;laring that George A. Coe. upon the ' jofs before the Senate, is entitled to tt i seat, was carried, yeas 15, nays 2 re [essrs. Littlejohn and Videto.) The Senate adjourned. 'al House. - A number of petitions were esented and referred. Mr. Hawley, from the committee on ;orporations, reported Senate bill to .nt corporate the Adrián Seminary, and '? commendt'd its passage. The bill, afr being amended so as to admit the 1 tal risitation of the Superintendent of '■} iblic Instruction, and that the trustees all annually make a report to the Surintendant of the condition of the Seinary, was reada third time and passed. The House adjournad.Wednesday, Jan. 21, 134Ü. De( enate. - After the presentaron of g itions, the contested election case was ura en up ; when considerable discussion ued : the matter was finally disposed ] and Mr. Coe sworn in as a Senator Al m the 4th district. A' bilí was passed allowing Mr. Coe y for the time he was employed in tfQ ntesting the seat. The resolutions in relation to the Aïrican claim to the territory of Oregon íre considered, in committee of the iole, and reported back amended and ferred to committee on public instruc)n- L ÍIouse. - Amongthe petitions 1 I were one frem Genesee and one from enawee counties, for the extensión of e right of suíTrage to colored persons. Mr. Walker, from the select e, reported a bilí to apportion anew the epresentatives and Senators, among the veral counties and districts of the state. eadtwice and ordered to be printed. A joint resolution from the Seiiate,for mending the constitution in relation tol , ie pay of members, was iead and refered to Judiciary Committee. A resolution was passed invitingthe enate to meet the House in joint j ention on Tuesday next, to elect a Treaurer of the State, nnd to act on any omination the Governor may be pleased 3 mak e. iMr. Jölair oliereü a resoiuuon mai me ecial committee on the sale of the jblic works be instructed to report a bilí ti roviding for such sale with all nt speed, which was passed, yeas 31, E ays 14. V The House adjourned. I Thursday, Jan. 22, 1846. J Senate. - Mr. Allen presented the tion of 68 citizensof Washtenaw j! , tbr the tippointment of a j ioner töMny out a road f rom Moorville j ) Ann Arbor, which wasreferred to the ommittee on roads and bridges. The Orogon resolutions were read a ] bird and passed, with but one dissenting ote, Mr. Coe. A message was veceived from the Iouse inviting the Senate to meet that tody in joint convention on Tuesday iext, which wasconcurred in. Mr. Bush reported a bilí lor the proection of religious worship, which was vvice read and ordered to be printed. House. - A number of petitions for he sale of the public works, and for ther purposos, were presented and re;erred. Mr. Hand, from the Judiciary Committee, reported joint resolution for amending the constitution, amended as directed by the House, which were referred to committee of the whole. Mr. Brotherson introduced a bilí for amending an act to amend the Justice Act, in relation to civil proccodings, which was referred to Judiciary Committee.