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ne, business, and plaec, of all who ndvertise n ü the Signa 1, free of charge, during the time )0Uf ïir ndvcrlisenónw continue in the pnper. I j8 pi O Manufacturera, Booksellers, Mnchinists. D holesale Mcrchnnts, and nll others doing nn - 'ensivc business, who wish to ndvertise, will ñ theSignal the best possible medium of ._ tniention i the State. W. S. &J. W. Matnard, DruggiBts, Ann Ly rbor. t-, Bef.cher & Abbott, Dry Goods, Detroit. Hallock &.Raymond, Ready MadoClothing, etroit. S. VV. Fostkk, &Co.,'Woolen Manufactur ] a. Scio. 1 erj W. A. RAYMOND,';Dry Gooda, Detroit. an E. O & A. Crittknton, Smut Machines, pri I ip': mn Arbor. 1 Sankokd & Pauk, DruggUis. Cincinnati. p{ W. R. Noyks, JK-Stoves &. Hardware, 1 I th ;oit. g F.J.B. Crase, Insurance Oflice, Ann Arbor. H. Gkkcíouy, Sosh and Blind Moker, Ann ( rbor. al G. F. Lkwis, Exchange Broker. Detroit. T. Bi-ackwjod. ilomocpathist, Ypsilnnti. D. L. La Toouettk, Linseod Oil Pactory, e Long Lake Calvin Bliss. Jeweller, Ann Arbor. VV R. l'Eimv, Book Store, Ann Arbor. P. B., Tempcrance House, Duuoit. Harius &. Williams, Steam Foundry, Ann 1 Arbor. E. G. BimoKR, Dcntist. Ann Arbor. (j H. & R. Paktridík. Machine Makers. Ann , Arbor. ! T. A. Haviland, Real Estáte, Ar.n Arbor. Knapp & Haviland, Machine Makers, Ann j Arbor. J. Holmes & Co., Dry Goodp, Detroit. F.ldrkd & Co., Tanncry, Detroit. A. C. McGkaw & Co., Leather and Shoes, Detroit. F. Wktmots. Crockery, Detroit. R. Marvin, Harcwire, Detroit.