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Poetry: The Battle Field

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ce this soft turf, Uiis rivulet s sande, kVere trampled by a hurrying crowd, ma d liery heurts and armed hands par ncountcred in the battlccloud. IT16 ! nevcr shall iho land forget iow gushed the life-blood of the brave- er shed, warm wilh hope and valor vet, OUI Jpon tho soil they fought to save. lot: w all iscalm and frcsh and still, ftt Alone the chirp of flitterifir bird, pe id tolk of cliildron on the h:ll, And bell of wandeling kine, are heard. ■) solemn host goes trailm by iI( The black mouth'd gun and s-uggering Wnin, Le en start nol at the battle cry ; in Oh, be t ne.ver heard again! D( th on rested they who fought- but thou VVho ming-lest in the haider strife, ' or truth which menreteive not now. Thy warfare only ends w ilh life. n friendless wnrfare! lingering long ht Through wcary dy and weury year: ' wild and mony-weaponed thronff n Hang on tli front and flank and rear. v et nerve thy spirit to the proof, tü And blench not at tly chosen lot; N he timid good may stund aloof, th The eage niay frown - yet faint thou not, c íor heed tho shnft too surely cast, The hisBing, 6tinging bolt of scorn; 'or with thy side shall dweil, at last, The victory of enuiirance bom. w te 'mth crushed to eurth phall rise om, The eternol years of God nre liers; ut Error, wounded, writhes with pair, And dies among her worshippers. 'ea, thongh ihou lie pon thn dast, t] When !hey who iiplpcd thee flee in fear, t Jiefull of hope and manly tmat, q Lika those who ffcll ra baltla Lere. Vnothcr hand thy sword shall wield, C Another hand the itondtud wave, E Pili ffofn the trmnpet'smouth is pea'.ed n The bfast oftfiurnph o'er (hy grave. {