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Slavery In Mississippi

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1 he nevvconstitution of this Staie prohibits the introduction of slnves into the State for nny purpose. Are they í i red ofit, or do they wiah to mnnopolizü the bi'.siness'of negro growing Coy tho Trwns rnarket 1 OrWc hdvé recéived tlje liist nuinber oí tlie "Michigan Waphingtgman" pobüslied nionthly 01 Jacksön, by F. k K. K. Jonea at .r0 cents a yenr in advance. It is tlie StalrTcinperance paper, utid presents a favorable appearance.ffTThe Detroit Evangélica] Observer ays that ihat hidcous disease, iho Sinall 1 3ox, has for somc timo past been lurking I n ihat city. The cily autlioritics have ' idopted measuresto prevent its spreading ' ,nd.pnrlicularly recommended ihat vacciíaiion should be resorteu There is io grounel for alarm, 3'et proper regard o saícty rerjuires a careful co-operation ' n the use of preventivo mensures. - - CCTTiie Liberty volé toe Govemor in Sliio i vasoe Co. was 108, bcinr 12 tnoro tban iist yenr. The Liberty vote for Ilepre.-erHiiive vvnsbut tsvo loss than that ofthe Wliigs. Phe wi.üle vile ofthe coun'v waa less thi ve..r llian lást ly belweer. 200 aiul 300.