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Rumors--important If True

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The New York papers oftlie 28th am 29ih are full of rtimored changos in the Cabinet. All the letter wriicrs of bol! parlies, ogree in affirming that iïon. Jas Buchnnnn had, or was nbout to resign lus place as Sccrelary of State, and someof them stal e positively that the post hns oflered lo Gen. Lcvvis Cass, of this stale, and thal bc had it under consideraron. - Otbors are of opinión tbat Attorney General Slfasön wij] recoive the appointment. It is.saidihat Mr. Buchanan was to be nomiimled to ihe Senate for the vacant Judgesliip. - Free Press. (tTlip ennio have rpjeüed ihe nntniitatinn of'Jüdye Wnml .v.-.rrl, oi' Pciiti?y!vnnia, as Judgo of t.'ie Uní ed Stn'e-; Suprcme Court. Oi on r relurii f rom Mnrsljoll we find luiIFa busliol ofcxclringes acctnnulaied, tlie coiiïents of wliich ïlnill be Jigetitod as soon ns possibli', umJ madü known to the readers.