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"A witness examined before the comTiittee of the British Parliament on the Zealand question, stated incidentally thrxt ie knew a chief in New Zealand, who naintai'ned tliat he liad a greal tille to his and, ina'srnuch as he had eaten the for■ner owncr!" Tlicro is an immense amount of prolerty held in this country by a similar itle. If not literally "eaten up," tlioy ïave "usod up" mnny ofthe former ownïrs ofthe suil of this country, as remorsoessly as the cannibnls of New Zealand jwallow those who come in thcir way. - American.Refokm. - The progress of reform is onward and ennnot be stayed. The Missouri state convenüon have nserte'd i claiise in tiieir constitution, to proïiibit fpr ever the charter of banksof ksue. Thus has Missouri followed in the wake of Louisiana - a staie that oonfirmed her constitution proliibiting the issue of paper nioney, by a vote of 13,000. We have reenvrd n Cntologue of t lic offi-. cers ni)d Student 8 in ihe Utiivcrsity of Michigan, by wliichit appcurs tln;re are, Seniorí, j Jnniors, i Sophomores, 17 Frethmei), o 70 Prepnratory Students, 12 Knlitmazoo Qrajich. 103 White Pigeori Branch, 24 Tecomseh Brandt, 43 Romeo Brancli, 115 Monróé Brniich. 59 Pontiuc Orunch, -lo 406 .Munroe Gazttle. #Illusfriovs fooísteps. - In his recent war speech, J. Q. Adarns said we might negoliatc nfter tnking possession of Oregon. This was the rjïilitafy way of doing business. was the way in which Fredric II, of Prussia negotiuted witlij the Emperor of Austria for Silesia. If Ahab had decmed ulhis way of doing business" a fair business transaction, he would have killed Naboth for his vinyard. A few dnys since a poor blnck boy, far gone with the small-pox, wns found wandering about the streets of Pittsburg. He had not gone to the small pox hospita], been use the sanitary comrnittee had prohibited the admission of negroes. Like the poor woman spoken of by Cavlyle in liis "Past and Present," the negro lad might have proved his relat ionsiip to the human fainily bydying, and giviog the nfeclion to the whole neighborh'ooJ.It has leen comnuled that the whole 1 i mmber of inhabitantswho have ever lived ñ the earth is more than thirty-six l 'io7is, wliich being divided by the number ( f square rods oí land on the earth's surace, wonld givo 1233 persons to each filare rod, ór five lo each square foot. - l mi f cach square rod be drvfdfd ínto ' wclve gruves t would give lüü persons 0 each. Oh fiow thickly tho dcad lio iírewed around ! Small Buuncss. - Rev. Mr. Sprolo of ] kVasliiügton-so says the fnei - iatoly ninde , 1 very foulu-h fttterapl on Ex-l'esidon Tyler "nr havirrg nllowcd dnticing ut the White Iouse diiring' Jiis term. The t iev. pontlemini ir.ust have been fia rd rtiü íbr { i sohjpnt, but he coulil not probatily have cen indiict'd byony considerar ion to say a vord ugninst tlinse demneralie trifles tlio S!uvc i ens in the Fedoral District. He wanted $ íiplier gamo, and so run a tilt against the r iwiul ein ofduncing. - Tiilune. i iWashington' Grave - A pontleman who ios recently visitecl the grove of Washington, H Moimt. Vernon, says: - "It pneved me lo the eoul to witness the nitor novice', whicti is'visible around this consecratcd t-pot. Tlie rankesl and fbulest weeds are permitteri to grow tind flomish above and iround it. A few redars in alJ the tvildnesB of uncultivated nuttire, nre the [)n!y trees to be teen in the vicimty of the ?rave; whüe round n every direclion llie cye rests on dilapiduted rnil fcnces, broken rails ïndscatteréd brnsh vvood. The roads leading to t are impracticable rnvines. covered with filth and pre?cnting nought thnt is nrreiho, but every thing that is offensSy; to iho syo and uncorigeniol to the hallowed spot.'Tt was stáied somc limo ngo, thnt ihe Administrnlion lint] been making a tfiíígeni. bbt unsu-cessful effort to ascortain ihe where obouts ofDelazou Smith, sent abroad by Mr. Tyler, ju order to rncall hin?. VVo now learn that Mr. Polk has at lust succeeded in discovering tliat he is nt llie capital of the Republic ofEecudor, S. A. where he wos sent to Jind out tvheiher il had a government'. Mr. Polk could niake out wbere iie was only by stopping his snpplies. Th'én üeluzo 'turiied lip' very quick. - Lou. Journal. Will the JS'eto York Tribune have the gnodness to inform its rendere, that in the recent odmission of thfi Pirato Stuie of Texas into the Union, nnt a single Whig vote was given agamst it f rom the State of Kentucky! Of the nine Whig members ofCongresB frorn that "gallant State," uve votkd kn favor of ANNEXATioisr, and four shot the pit! os Ihe "gallant Harry" himself did at the time of the Lexington mob, last August. Tiie6e ure the chaps that were to have kept Texas out of the Union - arotliey? Pity the Abolitionists couldn't havo voted withsuch a