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IJ .1.1. I I i ■ ' , t J i U ■ 'III III.1. .1 ■ . I (ÍHIUU. I ot' Ileiiiuii nu 1 Eliza Thomas, god 0 Snt ,rs nnd lo dsivs. ll Caí D wlmi is Ufei - 'lis like n flowor Ve That blosc-üins nnd is ;one: "r' Sh [t ilonrislio its littlo hour, ,, VVitli uil ts benuty on; Dcalli curne, nnd, likea winlry day, '15: ' It CUts thc loioly ilowcr awny. cd O vvhat is lile?- ';".s likc Ihe bow KN Tliut {jüáiens ni the sUy: l)l We lovc to Boe ilscolors glowj lint wbílft vi! look, they dic: Fi Life futid oskuom: - loday 'üs licrc; To moiruw it mny i'isappcar. nj ín Aun Arbor, üflhe Bcarlet fevcr, GsoROD ashi-voton, Son of Mark and Uuldali It ler, nged onc year two muntlid nnd tvvo " lys. eaíh'fl (ircad attendanrs, nll-destroying Pow'r Uiirricd thc infant to Iiíh mortal hour: lial mudden panys oliot lhror euch paicnts henrt, Wiien dealh's cold chilla desnatcli'd tlmfatal dart : [e like a brunch llmt from the trco is torn, Feil jirostralc, ivilhcr'd,]anguid oud fnr'.orn, i heavon's hih fiekls his bj i it nov appetro-, Look up to Jesus and dismiss your tears. 3. Milus. At his resident, in Lyon, December 22d, 840, oflypluis infltmniution, Ezra II. Pi.att, . i the 47th year of his uge - fornierly a resieni oflhis village. Mr. T. was among the firstin ihp ranks of LnM Slaverjr. and from tho first orgnnization f the Liberty party he s'.ood h firin support r, from deep moral principie nnd n sense of igljt, not frorn exciied fecl;ng. Li this p nl stroke of Providencié n tender fnmilv i oprivcd' of n Jiusbnnd.nnd bclovod fu'hcr - tlie 10 Church of Chris: jf a dccided support. V nd the canse of llic clnve of one of lts wnrm ' enrted und ronstunt working frionds. ai - - - - '- - !taM- - it