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Cheap Hardware Store. THK tínbácribcr inkcs ihis meiliod 10 mfortn irr u!i! cusiuincrs mu! the public f.'1'ncriilU that hi: siill c niiinips lo kctp a l.nyenni! gcncru iisíortmcni of Foreign mul Domesuc I1AUDWARI";, CUTLERY, &c. AIsp. Spikét Wniugbt, Cui Tnd IItre fcilioi Nnüs, Glnni. SJieet Iron, llóop Imn. Sl)rt't mu Unr Leati. Zyiic, Bfighj and Anciiloii Wire. MoInsscs Giitfíj nnfl Fnsseits, Mili Sawí.-Crow.Cui Simo, llnininnd Wofld So?, Hack nnd Kc) Hola y.iws, AnvÜs, Vicrp. I{í'llinvs.A(iz"s.Coopei'd'-Quol. , )Jiiivnc Knivcs, Sioko Shnvce, Tiij) Burcr?, Cnst Sieel Augiirs. Commoh AuL{tir8. Augur Uiu. HqHww A.ugUitr Su-el nnd Iron S'iuarcs. Ground Plnsicr. VVjiter I, i me, i rrt ikI ptónea, rot.isli,Cil(!nni and Sní;;ir Iíctilo. íilile, Lop, Trace and Huiler Chaítis. Broad. ï J miel nnd N.nrow Axcs. Spuit irul Pliiml Lev. i!s. :iucilicr wiili a t'Ciiern! éísorimenl oí lFollow VVnre. which will le sll low íor Cnh r mprrtved credit atJS3,.Jeffereö'i Avemiè. Kldrea l'-lock. K. MARVIN. Dciroit, Jnn. ICth, 184C. 2'18-lyBOOTS tlfi SHOKS, AT WHOLESALE. A. C. M'GKAW fc CO., wiioi.ksam: a.M) RKTAIX DRAZ.RM ín BOOTS, SHOES, LEATHER AND FINOINGS Corn:r of Jejfersun mul Woudtcaid slucnues Detroit. AC M'GRAW & CO. would rcjpectfull} infbrm the Morchnnta f Michigan, itín they Ikivo opeifed a WHOLESALE HOOI AM) SHOK STORE, in iho rooms over tliei Retai! Store. Simrt's Corner. Thcir loni; nc qoaintance wiih Ihe Slioe hasmess. nnd the Uind: of slioes thnl ?iro needcd in tlii Süitc, will cn Ido tiirm io furnijh merchsutfl wilh eudli shóé 119 tlu"' ncod. on botter ternis ihan iity enn bui in iho JN'i'W Vork miirkr.t, jis nll theii ;;i()(Is ;ir bouiilit froni fi-sl hnndH, irul particular utlrtujíoi is o nd (o jbe elêctiun oí bízub. Devroit, 1846. 2iS.1v BEECUER & ABBOT, No 13, Jefld8011 Avenue, next door 10 Miclgnn State IJar.k, Detroit, Havo pn liatid )i stock of DRY GOODS not nmoonting to 5,000,000 Dollars qilife hut nfstire iheir ol! cnstoiners. nnd iho wisiiintr 'o !"}', ihnt ihny liuve wull solcctcd as sortnieiit for ino WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRADE, [over thoir Retnil Store nnd ]J;i?emeni.] wlnch ihoy will bcII uu as fnvornbtc tonus as uny ostub [elimonl wein of New York. YVA.VIT.D- Pot nn.l Ponrl Aslirs, for wliid the hijshest casi udvauces will be mado. Mtrch.nts and uthers vrilf pleaso drop in. Jan. 1846. 246- 3muDry Croods at 'Wholesale BEECHKR & ÁBBOT OFFER tor unie fbr ensh the followinp1 good ot Now ork whdlcb-alcs prices, traiisportatioii only ided: 40 Boles Bmwn Sheetinge nnd Shirtingp, 10 Capen Rtenchf'd da do 10 Balea tfrdwq DriUitfgjf Ü Casos Blénched do 300 lbá Hatlinjí,1 )00 CoUon VV'arp,Nos. 5 to L0 JüO M Cond'e VVicking, l ?00 Carpot Wtirp, loo piecea Sheepg Groy Cloth,100 " Snttinett?, 00 m ('assiint'rp, 50 ' Blue, Blnck, Brown, Green', Stee! Mixed, and Cndot Alixcd Brond Cloths, 11)0 " Black, Colorcd, Piguret! and Plairi Alpnrcns, 50 4 White, Red, GreeiT and Yelluv Flannols, 30 Super AJeal Baepinp 50 ♦ Plain and Figured Ki-ntnrky Jeane, o Lintey fto m Cnón Plannoti, 50 poir8 Mtickinnw Bliinkois, 00 pif?cea M. DcLaine und Cnshmcroe, loo Rjanket Shaw}! üO pitees 7 8 nnd G-4 BcdTickiug, 0 M Siripo Sliirtinjf, 50 Blue Drills, 10a " Prnssian DiRjwr, 000 " Eiiglisli ond1 American Prmi-, ogClher wiih a general nssorlmont ot'Tlucifsr ins, Buttons, Combs,Glovrf, Ribbons, Lncos, Idkfs, Sce. bc, mnkingr IIik lurpestand host issortmrnt of poods to bc fonnd in this statp. 132 JftFi-rson nvenuc, ona door be!ov llio 3t. Clair Bank Building. Detroit, Oer. 7, 1815, 233-Cmo.1846. J. HOLMES & CO., WHO&K8ALK And kk.i'.ui, dealers in STAl'Ui AND PANCï DRY GO O DS, Hriy Groceries, Carfieffttg-, ïrrtif paper MIan$iitgn, No. 63 Woodicard Avenue, Lurned's Btock, Detroit. j idi.mks, iVt?r lort. s m. ïi'M.Mvó. Úetroil. 5 WC inkc tliia mcthud of infonuing our fri( nnd custoniers iliroughuut the State. th..i wc nrc mili purauing tho even tQltor f nor wi.yg, endenvoring io do our butiness vipon kir una honotüble principies. We woulU nlso tcaJcr our ackno'Icdgmcnts for ihc patronage extended to us by our cusiomer, and wonld leave to cnll the nttciuion of the public to n ciy well telctted nssoriment of stnsoniible öótxj,. whicli nic offered nt wholcsnlc or rotnil ,-n verv prices. Our fnciliiies lor pi'rchasin fJooda nre unsurpnsyed by nny concern in '.lie Sin!e Ono ol' the lirm, Mr. J. Holmca reside in tho Dlty of New Ynrk. nnd from his long txperienco in tho Jobdtng trnde in that ciiy. nnd Irom his Vihorough knowlerigc of tho mark et, lic ip ennbled to nvnil hiuisclf of the qucmoíis tinj nny decline in priecs. We nlso purch.-se from tho Importers. Mnnufaoturer'iB A en is, nnd fiom the nuctions, hy tlie .uckoge, the fi!ine iip i. V. Jobbfer? purchnse, tlmS mvins their profiijr. - Witli these fnciliiies we csn stiiely say thnt uur Goods nrr emd r for the evidoncc of wliiclv we invite the attention of the public to out (rfoèk, We hold to the gient cnrdinn! principio ol "t'ir. 'greatcSt pnoil to thv uhclt niniihcr," bo if you tvnñtto luv Goods ehutp, nnd buy largc inant'ity 'or n litlU momij f;ive us a trial. Our stock is ns extensivo rb nny in the city. nnd we nroconsmnilv recciving new and freeh Gooda fruir New York. 10,000 lls. tVooI. Wnnttul. thenbove qunniity ol guod mrcliontnblo Wooi for which the highest ntarket pric# will be pnid. J. HOLMES & CO. Dntrnif. ÏPA 21l_tfBOOKS! BOOKS!! At Ferry's Rook Store. JVext door Easl of the .V. York Cheap Store. THE Bubacriber has jusi opened and is now remiy to sell the most extensivo nssortmeiit ( BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS and STATIONEliY, ovoroiFerod in Ann Vtbor. Ilie stock conatsis of SCHOOL BOOKS of nrnrly overy vnriety in uso in this. Srblu - ' Hisioiiea, Hiogrnphies, Travel.' Aïenu?rr, Mi-' cc-lliincoiiH. Rcligious nnd Classical BoölcA OÍBLES íiml TÉSTAMEN.'PS; cvnry vnriciy f s.ize, stylc untl binding. Sbmtf bilcndidly linishcd. POAYER BOOKS, TOEMS t AiNUALS bcoutifully bound for Holyday Kifis. J'arcuts nnd uihvrs wislung lo moke splundid liolyduy preeents nt sutnll cost, wil do wclJ to cali nt Perry'a nnd uuike tlicir svk-ctions from a full su ck. Dün't delny. Also, on liand the largost nssortment of PAPKR everoffered west nf Detroit; BÚch oir'Cáp, Flat Cnj, Lotier, Frcnch Letter. Dunkurs Post, Cupytng, '''if-suc, Cnrd Hack, Envfope, nnd !()■ kinds ol niitn pnpcr, wfih n ín!) nssortmeni f Steel Pen, Quiílí, Wafere; Black, Biuc, Red,and Coyini,' firtk ; Snnd. Itiksmnils, Kolders, Pen Hulden, Sinmp. Motto Sènl, Qild md Hilver Wnfers, IiuUn Rubber, Pencile nnd i'omis, Envelop, s. And rtwnv vnrieiie of VjsiiingCnrds. Also, GOLD 1'l.i.N'S, nn nrticle combining (.legalice wild econonty. ííc hun on bind good sclcciion of Dooks sniinblo for Faniilyr Schoul Disirirr nnd Townsliip LI3EARZES. Il w)ll not bepofrsible to rumo sil ilm nrticle in hiöüne: yuP.iceiito rf, t.'iat Lïo.oesortnieat is general nnd clieoper thau Wüb evor beforo offered in thh vilhf . F Ie h'is in.T.'c n rnnijemente in NYw York wliicli wiil enaíiJc ln'm ntnll timos to obtnin ony(brñg in liis liiH) direct (rom Nuv Vork nt filiort noiico. by E.xprcrs. It will lie seen thnt hia ffteilitits for aciMHiioiIaiinc biscustoinrrs with nniclcs not on hnnd is Ix-yond precedent, and lic is rendy and iliievery thingrcasonnhlo to rhahré Iiíh etlftblisbment pucIi on ono ns on cnlilitcncd oncl dÍBCeroiíg comiminity rtquire, and lie hopos to incrit n shnre. ofpótronnO. Peeaolis wisliinir nny article in hts line will do we II t cali lirjore piiidwaint; clfowhcre. If yon forgei the placA, enquiro for Prrru's Bookstorc, Ann Arbor. Upper "illn( - 2d door Lnsl of Main etrect, on licron ptiect. WM R. PKRRY. D!emW. i4S,FLAX SEKU. Bm port. tut io FaiiKcrs. TUK uihacriber feu npiv creeud n Mili for mnitiiínciiiring Likmsed Oii.. Th o locntion of the Mili is 5 mid ■ nonh fif Fcntonville, Gcn. M'f ('o.. .Mif.'i. This locntion will nccommoante the fnrmersin Genesee. J.ripccr, Shin'.vnFSCO Dad n p:irt of Livingfion nnd Uaklnud Couniics. The Mili is capablo f rihiting 10,000 jushc! of Secd. Anti hope i lie nho (o gct ihat qimntiiy nnotlior y:r. The FInX Crop íb beliecl (o lo iho bt'Bt thni ilio farmer cnu miso. - In the State 'of New York, in snnic cetiona Vliich nre ackniwlcil.'ei to he e()Upl to nny other for rniaíng wheot, the fafmen bavè proven by on öxporlence of '.} or 4 yenrs. ihit ihey win innke innre mnncy ut rnising flíix peed t ove tlolfur por dhrIicI [hun tluy enn ut raising at the prices il n.din.irily brihus. 1 f linli hnvc n qti;intiiity ol sceil rc-ady dconcrl lor sowinp to Airniah thosc vho canDat piocuio (.'lscwlierc. I Wijl contrnct (r] nt mir. doi'ttf pnr bushcl, to bf (icliw-roi qt.lho Mili m.-xt fnll ör winter. A teuöd uesortnicnt of Dry Ooo!s, Groccrirs, Croi:kcry, and JJ'irdwnre, and nll the nintcriala lor p:i intime kept consinntly on hnnd. Citfh paid nt uü timrs for Klnx Seétit J) I.. La TOURETTK. I,one Lftko. Uor. 2. IH4fi. _.?_4:{3"1 DISSfcCTÈD MAPB.- Au iiia(rutti:è nnJ ainusin! nrtire. for Ihë V"""1.". for fn!e nt PERRY'8 BOüKSTORE. ücc. C3. 2ibt!