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The State Anniversary

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st werk we gnve u sketch or tne corner cdings of the Stale Tcmperance Wpin, ast of the morning of Wedneaday was T. I imed in irrelevant and rat her unprofitable rOy, ssion. Amnng other thinrs, nn hour ar spent in contidering the relulion of the ry to the Tempera nee, cause, and . i g wlietlicr it could have proppered ' heir help. .-, ie name of Mi. Batei, of Jackson, hstfng "ec Btrickcn f rom the hut of the Executive mittee in a'Count of the centim. l'U ;cting Licente Lnwa ihothe hnd avowed O. ;Vciïin; befor?, that pentli'iiian took V. n to exploin bis iews more liilly. He Qn riot opposed to ihe execuiion of this Inw j thrnt il had boen ehóctcc!, bol thoupht p tinfir of 8üc! laws was iiijudinoiis. The ., perancó meil tnrrnselvc camiol rxecutr , nw any whet"; He had no pafrticnlar ■ ility to this law; bnt if individoals were irnest for iis execiitior, he was quite osee tlrtm driveii euch warlers ihat would bc' cornpeHe! to back square out. Ion ie 20 or 25cases. originated ir Jackson, Ua 5 now hung up iu ihc Suprcme Court jos y on technical grrunds: and so fnr as he jnn lenrned, eveiy leclmicality could be ■ K td. Under Ihc present judiciol system it . to be expecic'i Ihat fuel technicalities Jrii ild inlervoDPy nnd most effictuully too, lo ;ent the e.xecniion of the íaw. 'Twns usand futile for Temporáneo men to try to y it out. Tlic town of Jticksoi had been ceted to $I00 rxpensr, without ng nny thiug'. The mttin position of Mr. cj( sermed to be, that the associatcd power of n. Rum sellers, tlirough the help of ihe m( s was sufiiïcieiit to et tli ai.d every olher , ilnf Jaivat ï'ter defüMice. „ kir. Wi!cox,oneoftlieTiistce8 of Jnckson, ' de an inlercjstinpr statement of the condi ion he causo in that villogp. He thonglu the a sccuiions hnd done good, and Umt Ihc ount of in'.oxicaünj liquor sold was Icsí w in it otherwise would have bren. t(Mr. Jerome J reaüweii, or jacKson, q{ led uith ihe statements of Mr. Wilcox. lie jj d bccn cmployed os legal counsel in most .., ihe cases commenred nt Jnckson, and trom the developments in thosc suite, and from c opir.ions ofother Icgul centiemen, lie be , ved ihat the low was not defectivo bul " mld bo f u i I y enforced. From t!ie dUcusMons, we learned thtit r( niilar euite hnd been ccinrnenced in Flint and p her places, to a largor extcnl llmn we lind iticipatcd, numbtring peihaps 100 ur more „ i the State. Everysuithad been laken to - ie Supremo Coiirt. No new mensure u-as proposed al the meet g,nor wnenny nceded. The dotcrinipution ras tliat ihe aic eltould bc exreuted; and we ere hoppy to find so greal a unominUy and ■ arnestnessof feel;nL for enforerment. This, l i fact, is the ultiniulum of Temporáneo c rcs. Societies ore in ex'steice every wheie [ do all possible pood by moral simeion, and ' e Law Iay8 it s hand en Wie and j. orrigible trofficker. What more cen be one7 Henee we jtidge thnt UieTemperance . n'erprizc, so far as new movements or icnsures are reqnired is drawing lowards n lose. Uut we do not anticípate ihat the extrnsive i nd lucrEtive trafile in liquid poisons will be ive up without a struggle. In most places icither this norany other law will he enforeed mless peipctval war be declared by the inited body of Tempernncc men tipon all ( ral Rumícllors. Singlo and ntermitted cutions will not answer. In the meantimc, nit8 will be suspended iintil the decisión of , he Supremo Court ehull be afionnced. If !,at sustainethe law, it can bo enlorced in :very place where there is energy enoiifrh ! imong the friends of Tcmperance: if it be not i mstnined, there can be no doubt, from the pirit manifestcd at the Anniversan-, but nolher and more efièctual law will be cncied. The npxt Anniversary will be held at Ca lamazoo. Feb. 3, 1847.