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Judicial Reform

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has long rxpected (j IiwM,'i.irv' n n I lo miliJ Ill UU. ICIVUH UI Ulli ' U U I - I ' i T iniv J. r ■' J, roccedingi?. Ií provides we under6tand for s full Bnd complete system in iself nnd of d nirse is of no ordinary lengih. lis inain b atures are (aken from his bill of last sepsion, ut with considerable modificatioiis nnd ntldiodp. The Senate ordered tho bill to be rinted, not howevcr without warm oppo, ition from Senators Howell. Chipman, Tliur er ond Fenton. We apprehend thereforp t fiat it will not agnin pass both Houses witlic ut at lea:t being icad once " - Jldv. . - ( QThe article on Slavo holding 1 nity, in otir pnper of last week, 6liould have ccncrcdited to the Oberlin Evangelist. If lie Founder of the Christian Religión wero I o visit these United States, what would lie say o surh Christianlty? Theatrocities perpetraed by the Phansces, and so scverely j :ed by him, wero not cqual to ihe horirble ( Milrnpes inflicted upon the slaves by his , liscijlts at the South. i Q5=We ore indebted to Hon. R. McClel { andfor ncopy of tho President's meesag1, ind the documents of the several deportments, omprising a great omount of valuable ormati"n. We shnll look into the Army md Navy Reports as soon ae we can find time. i (tTThe Jackson Gazette has an eetimate jfthc Tax for !845Jfor State, County,Town ind Road purposes, and including $105,000 to ie levied this year to pay the interest on the State Debt and not including School Taxes. The aggregate is 8615311,42, being f$2,0l2) two dollars, one cent and two milis to ench inbabitnnt, or $10,06 to every fnmily. Or it is $2,11 on every $100 of the present valution. Or it isaboiU$ll to every votcr.