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IN CHANCERY- FlftST CillCLTP. Dnniel Oakley, Comjilninini v, David Page oncl Caleb N. Ornisby, Defendaptai BY viriuo of ii decreta' oricr ii-snnd out CÍourt of Chancöry of lbo Sime of Michigan, I shnll exposé to eule to the highust bidder, et the Coirrt n ihcrviïïngo of Aun Arbor. Washu-niw County, aiul Staioof ftüohignrij on the 2lthduy of Folni;iiy ik-xi, at ono p'clock n tbe alicrnoon of thnt day the followinii (ïescribud premis, to wíl: "All ihat certrun (rnct or arecl of' l'imf situnte. fy'ir.:: and beilfg in Hrown & Fulier'8 a)di(in to tlic vilingn of Aun Arbor, onJot number on, in bfock nuinbcr cfghty and boiiif? all thni pun of the siid lot on whicli siond.-i flie threc northcasi corner buüdiiii-s of tlie Huf&b Block, toyether wnh eaid buildinga and the apinirteinncc8 tljcrcto bclorging, betng in tho Couniy of Waaliiennw. nnd State of Michigan." GEO. ÜANFORTH, Masiei in Ch'y. JoY & PotVsn. SoPrs'. Dated Jaiiunry iith, 1846. 2-Í6- 7w iÜ CHANCERY- FIRST CIRCUIT. DanierOiikloy, Cmnplainant ra. Paul MinnÍ8: Marcïa Minnis and Willmm lt. Tiioini-d'jn, Dé feminista. BY virtué of a decretal ordur issiicd out ol lift CuuTi' of Charjccry of the State of, 1 shnll exposo lo sale to tho lnghesl bidder, at the Cmtrt HoOee, iiv ihe wlJage ol Aun Árbor, fVosbtenaw Coiiniy, Michigan, on tho 2 Uh day of Fehrnary next, at one o'clock In tho oitemoon of ihat day, the folluwing described premisos, to wit: 'All thni certain piecc, or parcel of land bituatc in the villnpe of Ann Cuunty of Washsennw, and Sta:e o.' Michigan, hnown, botmdcd and desoribed ns followa, to1 wit: Co:nmencing on Packnrd eircet. twelva and cighty-four one-hundreih perches Boüth of the northenst c.irner of land codvcyed by Elisha V. Rumsey to Benjamin II. Puckard. imd running north twelve and oighiy-lour onehundredth perches to the northeast corner, thentv west on the souih lino of the village plat live nnd one-twenticth perches, thencc south ninc and thri!0-tenlli3 perches to Poekard Mree". thencc with aud Pncknrd'stiect south io t!ie plqce of beinnins', containing iüiy-six pitrciies, bfl the nmöinie oftimi OllO. nANFORTU, Master in Choncory. Soy & Pohtkr-, Sol'rs. Datod January t'rh, J6'i&. 2-lG- 7wmedical rVotice. TflE undoreigned, in offíring his Bervices to Washtenaw and the adjoiniug Comuice, ne Homccopaihic phyeician. would say, thai alici linring praciiced medicino un the principies os íaught in the o!d und treated disense for the last two ycars according to the lnw bf Hoinoeopathy, - (Similia similibus curantur.J t-aught in1 the new sc'iool of medicine und havfng compared the success of the iwo sysienis, he unhesitutingly believes Iloniocopathy lo be thc inost safe, certain and succeseful meihod ol cure. Diseases, hithcrlo incurable, are now in ntosi cases, pernianunlly eradicated by Ilumcropaihv. Afreetions of thespine, hoad, uterus, stomac.i, &c. &c. have noA' their certain remedies, hpllepsy, monin, paralysis. neuralgia, bronchitis, liverand lu;ig diecases; scarlel fever, chulem. Hack measlcs, malignant sore tliroat. erysipelas ot Hack tongue, croup, inflammations of tlie brain, Btomach, bowels. &c &c. are on!y a fcw of the many ills, thftt have been stnpi of thcir terrors by thc timely applicalion of horncüopaünc wodicaments. ■: ' . ".' , Wilhont hmher essay, the undersignpd would leave it to the afflicied to say . on trial of the reniodiea, whether llomceopafhV is v.-hai rt cloims to be or not. , líe would niso state that he has just returnefl from New York nnd Pbiladelphia, with a com ptcic Biwrttnent of MEDiCAMENTS, jnst im portccl from Leipsic, tü thie place, whnre he witl ottend to ull calis, and funiish books, &.c. at the lowest prices From the cío.ond exclusive attention he is iv"mg to the etuJy nd practico of Homccopaihy to be able to give stUñiítioa to thosc Vfho nmy favgr WW wH thcir patronage. Communicitions, posl paiü, ftom patients al a dialance, will reccive prornpi íittontion. , Those who may winh to place ihemselves under his troatincnt for any chroníc dioease, can obtain lodciny e1'101" at llia hüUS0' or m OlhCr pfa,, S1? BLACKWOOD, M. D. Ilomon.ipatbist. Ypeüanti, 2flth ÍS 59-1 yFARM FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FÍjft othmi FROPERTV. THE sulieciibcr offers hte ■ lonn of CO Arres. with 12 Acres ...provee!, amlnlramc house, eixteen by iwon'ysix, whU nn uddiuon of cïgh fcet on onceide. Said iaim ,s smisted ui the town f Concord, Jackson Co., three miles no tl. of Cuncord village, five cast of Almo,,, twelvl west of Jnckson. There te a neVor,fai ingttreanv of water running ncross it, Mld about lo Acres of ffrst qualiiy of natural mca.low. lor fnrther p.rticul.11 onquirc of Bcnj. Ilaviland or J. RSwain of Concord. or the subsenber at l ir Tl.rashlnK Mnchlne Shop, Losvcr Fovn, An.i Arbor. Terms to suit tl.c PbMr-r Ann Arbor. T. A. UAMLAID. Januorv 19, 1846. tf "SlcaïnTFoniMtry V THE umlersigned Imvine bougln we,ntir interest of H. & R. Partridge and Qep. F. Kcot in the Steam Foundry," Ann Arbor, will mnnufacturo all kinrls of CMÜngS to order, irad will bc happy to fun.ish any ki.ul oí Casting to tho old customers ol Marris, Pnrindge Co., H. &. R. Pariridge, & Co., and Tariridge. Ken: Ai Co., nnd to all others who raoy favor them withaca11ir. n. harris. E. T. WILLIAMS. Ann Arbor, Hoc. 26, 1846. 2MfCOUNTST ORDERS. THE hi gliest pricc paid in cath by G. t . U?ws, Exchange Broker, oppos.te the IiisurBncc Bank, Detroit, for orders on nny of the countiis in the State of Michigan; I for State 82curitics of all kiudsand uneurrent lunds &U Peo 1 1845. 24-'f CLOVER MACHINES. THRASHING MACHINES and Scpcrator? made and solJ by the subscriben at their Machine Shop, noarnlie Taper Mili, Lower Towh, Ann Arbor, KNAPP & 11AV1LAND, Jan. 19, 1346. 247 tf To Sportsmeii. k GENERA L assortment of Casteel and Iron A. Barrel lliiles, doublé nnd eingle barrel Shot Guna, l'iatolp, Gun Locks, Game Bags, Shot Touches, Fowder Flnske, for sale by WM. R. NOYES, 2 48-1 y 7C, Woodward Avenue, Detroit ANNUALS. - A Inrcc nnd valtiable assortment of Annnnls for l8lfi, together with inany othc splendidly bound books, eunable for prcscnt8,. lor eale at V FERRY'S BOOKSTORE. Dcc. 2X 24 1- if OveGeese Feathers. L fVC( LBS. pure Live Gccse Feathers lor A'jvLW Mjc ,y (he bale or singlo pound, ai ]ttl Jeficreon Avcnuo. Detroit, by JBEECIIER A ABnOT. . Q8, 1846. vl--3ino