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Proceedings: Of The Young Men's Liberty Association, Held At...

Proceedings: Of The Young Men's Liberty Association, Held At... image
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Mondíiy, reo? o, icj-iu. Convention called to order nt 1 1 ! lock, A. M. by S. J. M. Hammond, tiie resident. Win. C. Iloyt was appoimed Assistant secreta rv - -. On motion of J. X. Slickney, Resolved, Th'rit we dispense wilh C ary formality of receiving credcntials nd makiijg a roll, and cordially invite jc 11 gentlemen present, vlio adopt our nnciples as exnressed in Art. '2d, of our onstilution, to join our deliberations as íembers ofthis convention. On motion, tlie following gentlemen ero nppoinloti a business committeer J. i i. Sticlíiioy, S. S. Nichol.s A. C. Eastmd, E. W". Siiaw, J. C. Gallup. b Tlie following gentlemen wereappoind a committeo to nominato ofikors of ti ie Association, and to desígnate the lace of Iiolding the next meeting: Henry Montague, Danitl Brauibrd, J. . Buel, Geo. Ingersoll, Geo. Dell. On motion, the convention adjournod to o'clock, P. M..} KJ C1OCK, l . M. Convention called to order by the Predent. Letters werc read from members of the iS?ociation who were absent. The business committee ropprted a seies of resolution, whicli report was acepted. TIic committee on nominalions reporttl d : re-numinatii:g the following gentlenen for officers of the Association for the insuing year, whioh report was accepted j md adopted, viz: ' President - S. J. ai. Hammond, St. Jo. c V. PreSt-S. M. Holmes, of Wayne, l VV. C. Dknkison, of Kal'm. b S. Ji. Thayer, of Cal hou n, l LlCI.ANU GltKKN, Of Oald'iul, Ly'man P. Perkixs, of Len'e. CorSIíZ J M TRKADWELL Jackson, Treasurcr - Guy Foote, Jnckson. i CENTRAL COMMITTEE: ' Edmund Hall, Detroit, Dr. J. C. Gallup, ' jíennesseo, Jerome M. Treadwell, ' ïis F. Yqung and Guy Foote, Jackson. ( EXECUTÏVE COMMITTEE: Wayne- T T Lyon, Plymouth; Geo W ' Swift, Nankin; Francis Raymond, Det. Oakland - Joseph A Peck, Pontiac; Dr. , R. Gilfillon, White Lake; E. H. , child. Genesee- D. W.C. Lcach, JG. , land, Henty C. Fairbanks, ( vilie. cShiawnssce - Dr. J. B. Barnes, Owossoj' C. P. Parkhill, J. M. Goodlnie. Won roe - Mr. - Ilolley, Monroo; S. P. Munger, Dundcc. Washtenaw - Gorge Millnrd, Dcxler; F. V. Collins, l'itlsficld; C. J. Garland, Ann Arbor. Lenawee - GergeL. Crnno, Adrián; Joel Carpenter, Blissfield; J. M. Barrows, Franklin. [Iillsdale- David M. Bagley, Hillsdale; ' LomuelLong, Litchiield; W.D.Mooro, Ádams. Kalamazoo - Henry ■Montnguo, Asa C. Kaslland, Kalamazoo; F. W. Hatch, Schoolcraft; St.. Joseph- WilliamCase.S. J. M. Hammond, Ccntreville; Albert II. Strong, Cónstantï'ne, Jackson - T. R. Harrison, Clark K. Ilendce, Jackson; D. M. Graham, Spring Arbor. Eaton - Johnson Montgomery, Eaton. Rapids; J. W. Bancrolt, U. M. Cady, Olivct. Branch - John D. Zimmorman, HoraÜo N. Blackman, Amasn Waters, Union City. Berrien- John Orr, John J. Alexander. Niles.irUJnoun - Ur. i nayery o. o. iiiuuuis, Battle Creek; George Ingersolly j shall, II was on motion, Resolved, That the central commiitco be authorized to fill any vacancies in the cxocuiivc committee. The committee also reportcd the first Wednesday in June next and Ann Arbor, as the time and place of the next meeting, which report was adopted. After the discussion of resolutions, the convention was favored with a Liberty song from Messrs. Bancroft and Cady. On motion, adjourned to 7 o'clock P. M. 7 o'clock, P. M. The convention having assembled, listened to an address from the Pres't. The discussion of resolutions reported by ihe commilfee was resumed, and i dresses made by Messrs. Treafivell, ] art, Gurney, Dr. Gallup, Dresser and i others, when, after being severally rcací, they were adoptcd. : On motionr the convention adjoufned lo iïeet at Aun Albor, the íir$t Wednesdny i June ])L-.t. ' ÍS. J. M. HAMMOND, Prest, r . IW. TkADWKU., W. C. lloYT, 1 Secretarios: - ■ iir.sou Tio.Ns. ,, Tlio following resolutions wero passed d uring the meetings of the Associalion. s' Resolved, T!mt the Liberty party in ur land, is a paily, nnd ihe only pniiy in " sistence tliat lias tor its object, or is calulated 10 effect tho abolilion of Slnvory L i the Uniled Stntea. 2 Resolved, Thnt any political pnity hich refuses or neglocts {o exercise the C lain provisionsof the constitution for the " nahcipatióriof tbc SInve, is unworihy of ie s'ufiïb'ges of froomen. 3 Resolved, Tlia.t American Slayerjr i is receivcd ils r.ouri.-.l)intnt nnd vil.-ilily om the support mui countenance of the S nernmeiJt of the Uuiled Slates, nnd " erefore it bccomes the duiy of thisgovl nment and its supporters, to withdrnw . 11 , in om tho sys'.cm Hs prolection, and to „ cise with vigor and déspatcn tlie constiitional power it possesses, for tbc cnlire h bolishrnent of the systcm. i,x ixuon tU] x uc umi yi to il livu i. re pfJawSj by law it should bc pi I. Thai, as it is a politieal as woll as bj moral ovil, tho ballot box aswrll nstho l'! ngue and press, should be used Por its m ïstruction, as instrumentnlities givcn us y Divine Providence for the accomplishïent of this object, whicli we are not at , berty to overlpok in tho prosecution of ] ie crnsadü ogainst Slavery. r 0 llcsolved, Thnt while sympnthy Jov f ie Slavc should enter largely nto our v eelings, whilc endeavoring to roll on the ar of emnncipation, we should not forgel !io pccuniary imporlance of the qucstion efore us, and that it is too true that wliile j he South rule, the Norih has to foot the a iill. Ilcsolved. That the frequent outr.iges p (pon the righls of American citixn, in lestroying and sup[)rcssing their presses, n branding, kidnapping and iniprisoning heir persons, and in denying and violrvtng the rights guaranleed lo thèm by the . ;onstitution of the Union, result from the L ïxistence and maintenancc of the syslem jfSlavcry, and demand the earnest and L .inited eilbrts of the freemen of the North I or the entire abolishmont of Slavery. l 7 Resolved, That the proposal inade in ' hc Senate of the United States, by a Senïtor Ciom the Slaveholding grave yaid of ! ur Northorn soldiery whom Slavery aded in its morasses lo die inglorious leaths. ifdr the of Cuba ío be , orporatcd with this Unionj is another , yidence of the grasping nyarjee which t jlavelioldingengenders, and a bitter launt c ipon the freemen of the North of the 'Yy of thcir representativos to the s ation of their Slaveholding allies.o ivesüivuu. i mu wiiiiu u uuii mi grntitude nnd pleosure; evcry ní'aniféstalion of interest and sympathy in otir prospority by lbo pioncers and iretcrnris ín the cause of human liborty, it ís. lo tbe young men of our Sítate that we must look for the clíirf support and prosperity oí tlu's Association. 9 Resolved, Thai in the röcenl divorce of tbc Tcxns Annoxation ar.d Orcgon Öcciinatiqn questions, which, wero so ndissolubly joined in wedlock al the Baltimore Uemocraiic National Convcntion, and in the strange infidelity oflhe Southeva bride lowards lbo Northern groom, we have .1 perfect vet sad illustraiion of the grovfilling tamonossand subserviency of Nortliern Democracy to Souiliern domination.10 Resolved, Tlmt tho conduct of the Senator and Representativos of Michignn who supportcd the annoxation of To.ras?, wilh iis Slaveholding constituíion, was a bnse betrayal of thc trusts confided to ihem by thcir constituent, and deserves, as it should receive from the hands of ihosc whosc rights and inlcrests tliey have thus bartered, their permanent rcinembranee and soverest reprehensión. 11 Resolved, That the action of Congress n anne.xing Texas lo this Union, wilh an unjtist and nncqual apporlionment of representation, and a fundamental law whulfcslablislies and perpetúate Slavcry -was an act unworthy of thc represcnlativesor a free and Christian people; unmitignted by nny reason of necessity or polícyj unconstitutionnl and unpatriotic n its conception and consiimmation; and a fearful blow at the very existence of au r Repubüc, that should arouse everv ïitizen toa soie nin consideration of his relation with the Slaveholding power hat by this act has gained supremacy. 12' Resolved, That every eñbrt of tho idvocafes and apologists of Slavery to rover iís hidden aboininntions, serves ' y (o exposo ncw íeatures of its guílt, and l i disposition to hallow ihis guiJt jn high c )Iaces, and that this is o?Pccially brought o view in tho late doctrino of organic i ;ins.13 Resolved, Tliat onr thanks aro chic Mesará. Ca y and Hanrrofl for.the spt and hnrmony ihcy conferred on our eeting by thcir soul-stirring mu-jio. L4 Resolved, That v tender ourtlmnks thc cuizens of Marshall for the i ?ss and hospilnli'y that ims opened. thoir t iqrs so cordiallv, and spread their tables i bütmtifully for us, during thiá n ry. ■aM.Li ■■■ ■■■ . 1