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Mahometan Schism

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A new sect has lately set itself up in Persia, at ihe head of which is a int who had roturned from a pilgrimage 0 Mecca, and proclaimed himself a suc:essor of the Prophet. The way ihey i icat such matters at Shiraz nppears in he following account: Four persons ng heard repeating iheïr professions of 'aith, according to the form prescribed by I he mposter, wereapprehended, tried and 'ound guiliy of unpardonable blasphemy. rhey were sentenced to lose their beards y fire beingset to them. The sentence vas put into execution with all the zeal , nd ftinaticism becoming a true believer n Mahomet. Nol deeming the loss of eards a suíficient punishment, they were uriher sentenced the next day to have heir faces blackened and exposed thro' ' he city. Each of them was led by n mi;azah, (executioner) who had made a hole n his hose, with a string in it, which he .; ome times pulled with such violenco the nfortunate fellow cried ou4. alternately or mercy from theexecutioner and veneance from Heaven. It is the custom 1 Persin, on such occasions, for the exeutioners to collect money from the specïtors, and particularly from the E eepers in the bazaars. In the evening, hen thepocketsof the executioners were ., ell filled with mone}f, they led the rtunate fellows to the city gnte, and ■ ïere turned them adrift. Afier which ie Mallahs at Shirazsent men to Bushire r rh power to seize the impostor, and ïke him to Shiraz, whereon being tried, c e very wisely denied the charge of 8 icy laid against him, and thus escaped t rom punishment. - London LU. Gaz. JMitrktng luk.- Tako 6ix pence worth of a Lanar caustie, nnd having put it into tn oz. ri ihial full of vinegar, cork it tight and hang il n the sun. In a couple of days it wil] be fit v 'oruse. o To moke the preparation for the ohove, t take a liimp of perlash of the 6ize of a ches( nut, and dioolve it in a gilí of ram va:er. - The part of the muslin to bewritten upon, is to be wet with the preparation, and dricd and r glazed with a warm flat iron; immcdiately ! after which it is rcady fur markin:. i The last vestigc of Slavrry in ihr Briti ish Provincrs. - It is known thal slavery still r existed in the Kandion proviners of the r Briii-'h dominions in the East Indiana. An ' oct of ihe Legislative Coiincil of Ceylon for [ its lo'al ex'.inction has received the sanction t of the Home Governtnent, ao that slavery 8 r now repudiated thrcughout all ihc Brilish pos&essions. t i Refmement. - Twoofthe "Honorable ' Representatives" in Congress, Mr. Petit oflndiana, and Mr. Chipman of Michi( gan, very coolly smoke their cigars in 1 lhe House, during the session of tho body of which ihey are members. They dei serve to be Troüope-ized. j irrr-tirnrmiTTTcinji i .,.jt ..., .._-_ '