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I ii Hutlson, on the 18th inst. of influnation ot he lunjjs, Gkorgk, only bou of Abraham and Eüzabcth Peterson. Deaili ilw.iys lovss a shining mark at which to point i(a nrrow. Com. ín Stnnford, Lincoln Co. Kcntucky. Fch. 7;r. 1S4G. Chkstkk Nokth, ngcd 23 ycnrs and 2' days.The deccased whs the 9on of the late Rev. Samuel North. Ho left this state u Octoher last br the bcru fit of his licalth, nnd on arriving in f Keimieky commcnccd teaching echooi,which employincnt he purbiied until thé 25ili of January. when his disenso, tle consumption. nssumed n more threntoning aspect, ond n a few duys terminnted his existenco. He was a memoer of tho Wesleynn Methodist Cluirch - emincntly pious - a warm nnJ devoted friend of the s'nve - nnd just as lúa prospecta for future uscfulness hegan to brighten, he lell a victim to the ruthless hand of death. Jlisagod motlier, togethcr withseveral brothers and sisters, reside in Salino, Wnshtennw Co. in this State, wlitreonS abla'h. t .e 22d of Feh, nppropriate funeral services werc. held. The sermón on the occasion was preached by Rev. G. Beckley, of Ann Arbor, Irom 2 Tim. 4: 6: 7: to a lurge and deeply attentive nudid6iice. Com. P. F. Will the Wcsleynn please opy. In Webster, on Mondny, S3t! inst., of scarlet íever. Lauka d nigliiei of LuluV. nnd Mary A. lüodgct, aged 2 years und aix montha.In thw vülagc on ihr even! ng of Feb. 231, a' the resïdoncè ofnïi hou. Mr. Dwitx Fpshrtnged 75. His (Je;nrtrn wasundur circmnsinncêa consoün' to the fceür.suf !i3 friends. Ilig Insl bours werft pcucoful nnd he i xpreseti hitnscll enürIy wilíinz to üepiirt whcuóver ii ehould bc tl.e wiilol'G-.d. Ccst. In Cornishville, IUinoi?, A:.nnKw Conxr sh, Esq. The deceascd was cxtcnsively known to the carly tettlcrs of ibis County, h&yiA'g been for n numbtr of ycara a resident of the villagc of Ypsilanti, wherc he held the olFsce of .lustice of the Pcacp. Ho was u respcctuble und intelligent man. He dicd on the 2d da y of January laet.