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Tlio papers conlain an account of the nurJerofa nmn nnined Yoermane, in florida, by a band of "regulators." líe iviïs charged with siealing negroos, botli slaves and Tree, and sellïng them in otbcr States. So, to punisli these crimes, the rnob commiited murder. Ilowever il was "sanctificd" by some verv pious e.ercises. Tlic Baker Co. Patriot says: The assemblage crossed the line into Florida, wherc tbc presiding oflicer pronounced lbo solemn sentencL' of deatb. - Yoermans feil. wlicn be beard the 6enlence, as tbougb ho bad been shot, bu soon recovered, and asfed the presiding ofiiccr to prny lor bim. He calcd iipöi a ■preacher of the Cospel, ihrce or four qfichom icere presen, jmrlicipaling ia the proeccdings, to prayjor the prisoner; anc si range to say, every man present knel upon the ground, and joincd in a mos solemn and impressivo prny er to God tbftt lic would grant the wretched criminal that mercy wbicb they tbemselve; were in the act of refusing him!{tTho ÍJulchinson family, the wel knoun antislavëry singers of New Ilamp shire, liave beeu very favorably receivcc in Kngland. A correspondent writes from that couutry: "ilercand in the neighboringtowns, nl the various Infeututiónv, thcir success Ho surpassed anything I reniernber; amllho) are engaged every night for this month You must notexpect a Malibrnn ia the gir!,who is only sixteen, nor a Duprez u a Lablache amoüg the brothers; but simple hnrmony ana ballíidsinging in a style wiiich eatches hold ol" the popular feeling to a liigh degree. l have seen a wliole Athenaium and .Meclianics' lnsiitutc, consisling of clerks and the working men. wiili tears coursing down th'èiï n oses most piteously. Tliey are encored in almosl everything they sing, nnd they liavc considerable coinic humuur,which,thougli upon local subjects principaly', hascauglii hold of our Lancashire pcople most thoroughly. They come with excellent letters of character to Mr. CobJen, Mr. Brighf, and Mr. (Jeorge Thomson, as weli as to myselt."(tTIif Foroign Neivts of' tliia week wil] bc found to possess more Uian utual interest. Itnnnounccs u cootemplated chungo n Commercinl poücy of England of' greut iniportance to olher nalionp, ond vt' gtetxi ndvanlagc to her own destituic müliuiin. It will be secn tliat the Corrí Laws'are to be lotally aboiiehcd in 1C10, and to bc modified mmediateiy. We find by our exchangrs that the news b gcnerolly hailcd with plcabure; and nnticipation of extensive beiicfits tobe úerwná fioin it, espccially in the Northwest, are frcely ex presscu .