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The new Consti:u!on of Missouri may be considerad somcwhat radicnl. It adopts the i principio of free sufirage. Every free white man is al o wed to vote, without any distir.ct qualification. No person can be a collector of public moneys imless lio poya over all inoneys previously collected by him. - No Senator or Representative to be appoinled to nny office by the Govcr.ior du ring the me for which they havo been elccted.-- The Assembly haa no power to grant a divorce in nny case. - DuHlists are prohibited from holding office. The Governor is to be electcd for four yenrs, and to be inelig-ible for a succeeding term . Free schools are lo be established -all public landö to be appropriatcd to the causa of it prohibits the creation, renewal, or extensión of all Banks or bankng incorporations. The Bank of Missouri and its branches, ore suffèred to exist, until their charters expire. The State on no account lo own stock n corporations. Lotteriee and lottery tickets prohibited. The English steam frigato Terrible, oí 1800 tons burthen. ad 800 horac power, raid to b ihe largcat war stcamship in the svyrld, hos just been pui in cujiimissiou.IX;. r.i i .rs. - Tue ctTorts to put nu cad to the dcmoralizing efTecls of duelling are scldoin crowncd wita succesa. The state of Alubams passed n law moking it imprisonment n the pen iientinry to fujht n duol, Tho lion. Mr. Ynncey of this State haviug fought n duel last ycar. hcenme aniennble to that law, nnd the Legislntuve, n order to restore Mr. Yancoy lo hift riíjhtti, passed nrt nct lo that effect, but ihe Qovernor acnt it back with his veto. Conscqucntly Mr. Yoncey would not have rctiirned to thnt siatt', which lie reprcsenis in Congress, had not ihe lepislauire pnssed ihe not, wlucli ihey lid by a contiti. tutionnl niojoriiy, ih opposition to tliQ Governor's veto. Xkw Mod:: of 6NER atino Stk .m. - A French engincer. M. Leonnrd, now in London, has discovered an e.ccodini;ly simple nipapa of curtailns: ilic i]iinmiiy of coal hiiijertí) rrquired in ihe enerhtfon bf Sfeárn'. His principie, for whicb íc lias inken out a pntcni, is tliat ol putting vbn!e il ur other físli oil into tlic boiler, uiuuixcd. or villi moro or lcss water. When tltc oil ís ot a empora'Urep'rótfucing steani. water i.i ilirown in, nd steun s producod as íast as requirod by ihe micliiiic. wiiliout the oil p.-issing off in vnporor decompnaing. Variuu ex-ioritucnts liave becn nndo, and thc saving in (ucl isstu!e;l ai from fory lo lifiy per cent. Olotes nre tho nnexpuided flowor hud of the ■lovc tree. Tlicy are yntlicrcd In October nnd íovpruper, befojro :liey open, imci when ihey are till grven ; tliey nre ihen expostd to snioko for orne days. and dried in the Min.