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l'iiULT ihis heul. vo proposo to continue il name, Iniainess, nnd pl.-uic, of nll who ndverlis n the Srirnal, freé of chn ge, tluring ihc tin thoir ndveriisericnts continué in the pnpor. O Mi nu facturera, BookselleiB. Mnchitrst Wholesale Mcrcliants, and all oihcia doing a ertin-Kire business, who wish to ndvcrtise, wl rind the Sinal the host possible medium of com nitiniciition in ihe Stnte. W. S. & J. W. May.nar, Drtiggists. An At ww # Ar! or. BkKchür fc AnnoTT. Dry Gopdp, Detroit. Hai.i.ock &-IIaimom), Rcady MudoCloiliing Detroit. S. W. Fosteji, tCu., Woolen Maiiufnctu en, Scio. W. A. R,YsioM. Dry Goods. Detroit, E. O fc A. CitiTïtNTu.N, Smut Macliinc Ann Arbor. Sakkord & Pauk. Drugists, Cincinnnti, W. R. Nuyks, Ju. tovcs &. IJardware, De troit. H. Gkkgouv, S;ish and Blind Mukcr, An Arbor. Ct. V. Lkwis. Lxc!i;inee Broker. Detroit. T. JJi.viKw lol. Homci'p.itliist. Ypsil.-uui. D. L. La TuuKKiTi:, Linsecd Oil J'actory Long J.nkc Bi.iss, Jcwcller. Ann Arbor. W Fl. I'kkrv, Book Store, Ann Arbor. P. B. R ii'i.kv, Tempcr.inec House. Dt;iroit. IIarkis fc Steain Foundrj , Ann Arbor. K. G. Buiui:u, Dentist. Ann H. &. U. Partridck. Machine Makers. Ann Arhor. T. A. Hvvir.AKn. Real Kstnto. A'n Arbor. KffAPP iV üavii.amj, Mucliinc Makers, Ann Arbor. J. Hur.Mi.s & Co.. Dry (Joods, Detroit. Eldrki) & Co.. Tunncry, DetroitA. C. MtCtHAiv Co . Leatlier und Shoes. Detroit. F. WminnK. Croek'ery, Detroit. R. Marvin, Hnrdsv.ire. Detroit. S. D. BtüNKTr, Dcntisi. Ann Arbor, Wardwki.i. &. Dixos. Hardware dealers, N. Y. City.