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Dr. Wistar's Great Discovery

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It was once said - 4i Tlier isnoíhing ncw under the aun." This ns uky.s cmphaticnlly truc i reference to medicine. fíiiiurreiís oí Pilis, Panaceas, Expcctoraais and Spccfics of allgoris have been puflfcd inio notorieiy- bH inade-nvain.. ly uf íhc simo mgrodiems, aiKIing no now nvalerinls to the 'healing ort.' Uut Dr. Wistar's Balsnni oí Wild Cherry furnishee u aew medical ogont - a ncw priciplo volved froni Nnturc's wn Dcposilory lt cures Asthmn, Inoiptenl Contumpüoiu, -ver cómplajint, and all disensos of t Vio Longs when notliing clse will. An honurablo member of ihe Címad-a Parliament. wntra ihat i hns ciircd tiiiu of As' luna of ten yc-!irs statuliug, A. Williams. Atiorncy 01 l.nw. rS William strcot, New York, has lccn curod of the same diwose of tvon(y-fuür jcars standínc. Mr. Cozcna of New Jorgey, inakes nflidavit tlmt i( cured liim of n snpposod Conautnption ufter liis physioiiin h;id givon liim up to dio ; and so with hundruds of oiheis. lleinomlior vc positvly, m no oíse. nlm oíT unreal cures as produced bíy this iuvojttubla rcmcdy. Bi cure to got Dr. Wisiar's Dais.un of Wild Cherry - tliorc nrc imitniions ! QU Tho gQDuiné Wisiar's Halsim is gold only. MW'.VARDS,