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Release Of Charles T. Torrey

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The physician of the BuUlmore Penitent iary las certified that Mr. Torrey hos Bymptoms )f incipient con8umption, and will not proba - )ly Hvo a great whilo longer. Ilcnce the laveholders are more will'mg to release" him, 3CCOUSO they havo sngocity enough to know, that should he die in prison, it would operato quite unfavorably to their 'peculiar instituüon', as it would raise a storm of indignation bgainst the oppressors who caused hisdeath. The friends of Mr. Torrey are using active exertions to obloin his pardon. Some of tlio most dislinguished men of Massachuaettsarea' mong the 6igners of a petiüon for that purj)O6eEx-Governor8 Lincoln and Dav9 are also of the number. Tho memorial of these last gentlemen is a douglitaced document. It yete íbrtl that any attempt to aid in the escape of slavea from elave States, by going into those States for that purpose, receives Trom them no syropathy whatever : that they are sorry any body is 60 mistaken os not to think ns they do : that Torrey octed under mistoken views and erroneous impression : that they are assured that, if liberated, he would not do so any more: that his pardon would tend to prevent a repetition of nimilar offenees ; und that his famüy connections are of the highest respectability(?)TbepetUion of Mrs. Torrey, whilo it expresses the feelings of the wife and the mothcr, has nothing of the cuaracttsrislics of Christian heroism. Wo know not how it tnay etriko our readere, but were we made o martyr in Buch a cause, we would not tbink it rig-ht to sk for a Jiberation on any condition inconsistent with an open nnd avowed assertionofthe rightfulness of the principie on which wo had acted. And we should rcgret to have a wife or a mother petition for our re leose byeven tncitly waving their resolute and unquahfied mointennnce. If Mr. Torrey hos done right, lic should per6ist in afkorting liis innocence of crime nt all huzards. The comraands of Christ admit of no half-way allenancc. Those who profess to fuliow him at all, should follow him to tho prieon or the scaffold. Mrs. Torrey osks for her husbands release because "forgivenesa does sometimes caet a dignity and force on violaled law'1 : bocause Mr. T. had not bidnccd the slavos of Hecratto lo run away, althongh he hud nesi.sted them aftertvards to escape: bccause an arrangement has heen made to componente. Mr. II. for tlie loss of tliose sla ves : bccuu60 neither ehe nor her hubband will lienceforth -in any unconstitutional way interfiere with Slavsry': and Mrs. T. nevsr approved of the coursc of Mr. T. in this respect, and should he bc pardoned, the givea the fullcst assurance that Mr. Torrey will not repeat the of fence ogainst tho poople of Maryland : becauso bc has olready euíTercd for Ihis act, which ehc admUs to bo 'óudden, rneh nnd mprudent,' an impridonment of eightcen uiontha: bccause his health is fuiling : becauee the actinvolved no moral guili,the injured will be compensated, and a pardon 'wili do more to cominend the violated statute to the respect and obedience of the comiminity, than a rigid nfiiction of the law," At Annapolis the capitnl of Maryland, the pelition of Mr. Torrey is snid Co he preceded by a circular, the ririgin of which is nnknown, ?etiii)'forlh tliíit Tcrry 'ím no hninbled,co.sfeísks uts wrong, ft "d asks to bo forgivuii;' and reprftfenting him as a 'monamaniac:' all this inny bc so, but we do nol bclieve it. On the wholc, we may say that werc we in the place of Mr Torrcj, we should esteem it prcferable, beyond uil com)anson, to end our doys in prison, to obtaining libcrty on terniti which would involvc the encrifice of-tliOBe principies on which we had hitlierio ncteJ, and wliich we believcd to be in accordance with the will of our G 1. Il" virlue is worlhy of onr allegionce at ill, it should comaiand the fuli and unreservcd coniecrntii.ii of oureelves to its eervicc. We ehould love it betlcr even than our hfe.(ET Accorrling lo uvorts. ihc expenses of the Si.uc of New York ure. Rr Uif Supremé Curt, Court of Chnnccry, and Couri of Errors, per ye:ir. slO t,:Ul 77. The nggregaie of ihè pny and expensus of (1c (Jovernor and nll the Departments. js $36.071) 08. The pay of mombeis o!' the Igislöture, and tlieir ooniinRent expine's. $96.tó7 32. The pnntin lor ihö Siau-, $61,703 74.