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The Marshall Expounder says thnt Mr. Hurd. of thnt villngc is preparing a proposilion fnr leasing the Central Railroad, of which tho leading features ure these : The Stoto ehall lease hini the rond for 30 years ; during this period hc wilt pny 7 per coni. on the present coat of the road. curry the stnple nrticlesof the country lor onethird tho present raten, complete the road wiihin a given time. oud give up the whole of it at the expiralion o) the term, as well built nnd in ns gond condilion os any road n the Union. In fact, he proposes to give $300,000 more than the compnny, offers as good terms in other respecis. and givcs back the road at the end of the time." The State wilt in the end bc invarablv a loser by putting its property in the hands ot' individuals in the manner proposcd by Mr. Titus nnd Mr. Hurd. We know not that theso gentlemen intend tiny thine hut what is honorable and just, and thcy may calcúlate to falfil their agrecmenis in every point : yet all experience teachee that a State is invariably a suflorer by loaning large amounts oí property to individuals or corporations.We expect to give the public ltinds lo the poor niggers. - State Journal. The Journol is very considérate and benevolent. But did it ever consider that Liberty is of more value than Lands? Thui the "poor niggera" cannot enjoy their londs uniese thüj jirst have their Liberty? Wbat does the Journal propuse to do to give them Freedom? Every time the Editor votes a VVbig Congress ional or National ticket, he voies for those. who if elected, would let the "poor niggers" continue in Slavery. He cannot deny this. - If every body should do as he does, when would the poor negroos get possession of the public lands which his generosity proposos to give them? He is generous in theory, and we doubt not n heart; but practically, in voting fnr,and advocating the election of those who would let the slave laws continue as they Bre, ho is cruel and vnjust. Were he to change plucea tvitlt the clave, he would fee! it to be so. O" Sixteen Branches oï the Siate Iknk o Ohio have been fotmed.