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Liberty Cause In Salem

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At a meeting of the Libcriy pariy in Salcm. ( leid March 2!st I84'J, for the of nomitating Btiitablo persons lor Township oflficers; the "ollowing resolmions were unaniinously adoptcd. licsoltcd, That vrhile we coneider tlio great )iie klra qucsiiori of Human Liberty and Equal Eli'litR paromount to all oihcrs, yct wc belicvc LÍie linie h3 fully come for the Liberty party to tnk ground on nll measures of public interest iflbcting tho welfare of our country. 1. Bccauso we doem it necessary that tlic 0ÍF1eers eieoted by any party, slumld bc so instructcd 18 to benblo trubj torepresent ilieir constituents in carrying out tbeir 6cntimcnis on all financia] matters conncctcd with our government, both in the State and Nation. 2. The present important crisia in our country tho great coniesiB and revolutions inthepolitical world, rcquiie a ruil and free declaration of our scnim.tnts on all these eubordi.iatc principies. 3. Our sticcess and peimancncy na a politica! party dopend mucli upon the ground wc occupy in rclation to these (jticstions. Resolved, That we considcr the Liberty party as hoonly party that cun, undcr present circumstanecs. consistently bccotne a reform party, and (bat il should at once raise tho standard of, both in Stulc ani Nution, and go for all die mensures that would secure the wcl'aro and prospenty of the country. Resolved, That wo go for the imtnediate re duction öf nll salaries, ihe clection of all oflicers ns far as consistent, by tbc pcople - the reform o ilio aimy and navy, and gradual reduction of the sume: a tarifi j idiciously arranyed, sufficiqin inurely 'or au administralion of gov ernmentj a general and radical reform of the judi ciary, nnd that stand on all qucsiions that wil lic fonsis'.ont with our principies. Resolved, That ihe Libcriy party, in t.ikinp this stand, abandon no principio tlmt tliey have ever chci Ulied, bui are only carrying out more fully. the great fiiudaiicntnliand Democratie doe trines upon whicji it is bnsed. .JOHN PEEBLES. Secy. OC' Our eastern exchanges contait accounts of mucli clamage done by floods caused chiefly by the melting of tbc dcep snows of tiat región.