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The pro-slavery and servile chque, which has so long kept New Hampshire grinding in the service of the slavocracy, is fairly broken. The Texas conspiracy is condemned. The doughfaces are in a minority of 2,000 and upwards, and the legislaturc is Texas by a majority of between 30 and 40 - thus securing the election of that uncorrupted Dernocrat, John P. Hale, to the United States Senate, for the residuo of Judge Woodbury's term, one year, and for a full lerm of six years ensuing. The Post of j Sátürdéy, gives the following summnry of the votes in 181 of the 224 lowns.- hmancipator. As far us heard from the Whigs have slected 116 members of the Legislatnre, the Democrats 97, and the Liberty party 27. Therc is no choice for Governor, nor for member of Congress. The Old Hunker candidate for Representativo lacks noarly 3,000 votes of an election.flCTMr. John Thompson and scvcral of his family were scverely injured last Monoay. A boy of abaut 14 years of age went to the barn whcre Mr. T's ïorse was siable, with n little child about wo years old. From some unknown cause the horso commcnced kicking furiously, to the imminent danger of the cluld. In nttempting to remove him the )oy wns badly injured and prostrated. - Mrs. Thompson ran out of the house on hearing the outcry, and in attempting to rcscuo her children,the horse's foot broke her arm. Mr. Thompson arriving at thisjuncture succeeded in extricating his disabled family from their perilous condition, although not without being somewhnt injured himself. VVe learn that they are all recovering.