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Democratic Reform

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1 ti tho Truo Democrat, wc find the proccodingsofa Dcmocrntic Reform meeting held in Salem, in this county. Among tlie objects of reform cnumcratod are Judiciary Reform, eo that justices may hnvc jurisdiction in all casca of 500 or undcr: rcduption of Executivo Pntronage, of ihe ëalury of the Governor and President, of llie Nuvy, nnd of the pay of members of Congi csö and of tho Lcgislature: the Single District system and bieqnial sessions of tlie Legisiature. Mobt of ihcso propoeals meet our liearty concurrence and approbation: but how long hofere these mcasiircs can lc cllectcd tltruugh the present arganiwllon qf the Democratie party? - Were we u judge of the tnturo hy tlie present and '.he paat course of that party, wo should respoiid., nnd iifhily, too, witnout a nioment's hesitntion- Nee er ! fXWc loarn that tho Governor has signed the bill for the sale of the Central Railroad. Whcther the Company will accept the charter is not ccrtainly known, but the general expectation is, that they will. (tTThe Liberty vote of Chicago for Mayor is 22U, being the highest ever givcn.