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We are assured by those who are inbrmed on tb is subject that the poor conlition in which the large erop of Micliijan Wool was put up last year, was a erious hindnncc to securing a good marcet for it in the East. Unwashed VVool, wrticularly, is considercd by the wholejale dealers as very objocüonable. Somc liints on this subject will be found in tbc advertisement of Messrs J. Holmes & Co. of Detroit, who are preparing to purchasc extensively the coming season. See their notice in to day's paper.(D The N. Y. Correspondent of tho Evnn ijclical Obsorvcr vvrites, Fci). 0, - "The Anti-Capital Puuishincnt men are again ai work. holding meeiinge, organizing awiciations, publishJng papers, books, reviews, nnd ven tales in magazines, to do awny witli the leaih penalty. Lecturers in abundanre fiom tinUnivoreuÜKts, Unitnrinns, Garrisor.ians, Fourirrates. Infid(;ls, and liero and tlierc a lloating poli ücian, are eveiy weck to be henttl in pomc oi our ilalls, railing against the 'bloody statuie.' Bul we liave yet to learn the name of any rcspaetablLPresbyterian or Congregationnl mi nisier vvho dnres to fly in tlic face of revealetl truth. and plead for ihc aboivlonment f a law which, in giving it to Noah, God xo to tlie race and which noither the law nor the gospel ever disannuled ihat it shoulu bc of none effect." UT The Libcriy men of Marshall County. Virginia, h.ive held a nicoiing nnd nom;na:cd Jolm l'all for memberof the House oí' Delégales. It is proposcd shortly to nominale a Sehnuu to represent the countios of Oliio, Broqkj Tylcr and Marshall.(LTTlic loans nnd ciiculntion of the banks of :lfc Unitcd States, fr-nn I''G to 1840 inclusive, ns compilcd from the roports of tho Secrt-tary oi the Ticasury, nrc as folloWa :