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Foreign News: Arrival Of The Hibernia: Peel's Corn Law Schem...

Foreign News: Arrival Of The Hibernia: Peel's Corn Law Schem... image Foreign News: Arrival Of The Hibernia: Peel's Corn Law Schem... image
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Tlio llibeinia nrrived at Boston nt 0 o'clock on Tliursday morning. Sir Robert Peel's Corn Law scheme wa,i carried in the House of Commons by a majority of 97. The opinión nppears to be tliat the méasure wil) pass the House of Lords. A motion was pending in the Commoiis when the stcamship sailed, for the unconditional repeal of the Corn Laws. Of ils passage no expectation was entertained. To show the udvance of opinión in England on F ree trade, the Government candidato was defeated at Westminster, by a large majority, although he was supported as a free trade candidate. In South Nottinghamshire, Lord Lincoln, a babinét minister bas been defeated. Sir Kobert Peel who had been suflering much f rom illnoss, has recovored, and is now in good heolth. O'Connel isstated to be sinking fust, and in a very weak state of health.The pilot boat William J. Romer which sailed in company wilh the Patrick Menry, had not arrived at Liverpool. The French Chamber of Deputies have voted a sum of money for a line of steambonts between Havro and N. York. Batlh in India - Dreadfuï Carnage. - The Anglo-Indian army hove met an eiiemy thoy must not despise. About the midcïle of December, the Sikhs passed the Suttej, and two severely contested ba Ules were lought. Wilmer's Times says : "Tho Sikh army cstimated at 60,000 to 80,000 with a splendid park of artillery, doublé that of ours, had invadcd the British territory to measure strength with our forces. Tho fighling lasted three days and the carnage was dreadful. Our forces only amounted, British and Nativos, to 20,000. Several distinguishcd ofllcers feil, amongst others the bravo veteran, Sir Robert Sale. The British loss is estimated at 3,300, the Sikh loss at 30,000 !" France. - Louis Phillipe gave a ball at Paris, on tho anniversary of Washington's birth-day. The accounts from Algiers are very gloomy. Twenty-five million francs have been asked for by the French Ministry to carry on the contest. I The scarcity of money, consequent in