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Letter to the Editor
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Ml -KS ElUTOHS : - Tlifl prcsfiit moinontousperimr is miiloiilitcdly i cliiiuicicric ín ilic life of the Liborty l'arty : nul wlitilicr shc will ever atinin n gieutuess or not, will depend mulcrially on hor nctivo mcabiu-6 at the présent limo. During lier short exBtèrice, he bas optVed ihc eyca of tke pcó'plV, [o the wrongs nnd corruptions in o-jr Governnciit: nnd by iliani n thcrotigli reform is now denanded. If the Liberty i;irty, nfter bnviie pm ilu ]i;ill in motion, will only lollow il np; f nlter mlvancing so niatiy good uitvis, will adopt iheni.nnd rcsolvc to Btnntl by thern, kIic will uoin rêccive fiuch ncce3Íon8 to her power.ns will oston ish her most sanguino friends. Hut if shc does not tako three steps, hersiar will soou cultninatc tobe followcd by nr.oilior and slill brightcr. I have for smuetiinc waitci! with the dcepest inti rest, for her to cnlargo her creed by taking grouml upon oihcr sul j -ets, which secm to dcinnnd tlie nttention of the frieuds of hunianiiy.- Uu shc must not only toko right qrounds for, liberty, justicc and hunianity, os hns been suggestVd by anotlier; but shc must do i: from right motives. Liberty men did not ra'sc the standard of nbo(ion beCáusí it w.iill marshall n powcrful party, nd gei to thomselvis name nnd notoriciv. and ptrlmps olllce, alihough they nro olten nccused jf iiby ihuir poliiical encmics. The fact ofsuch nccutat'inn being roade, pruyet that ïhe rnotites of liberty men nrc most dulv weighed. Motiva 8 what defines tho moral nspect of nciioii; oud eiiher inspires ordestroya confidcncc. Kxpediency is too much urged ns n motivo ol sciioti. lis pernicious i'f.bcls aro incnloulable wherc the gn-at v'inciples of jiwtit e nre nt BtaUe. Let us shun ihe grouud of expediency ns a dangerous quicksand. Lel up declare for erjual, poliücal, nnd civil rights, bccauso it is ihc will of God. Thcn may wo consiitently trust in Hin for the result of our nctions. If ;he coursc recommended shnll drive men from our party, or keep thetn from it, it is hecausc they ore not men of liberalprincipies: and onr party s not tlic proper plncc Cor thcm. A private individual iá under no obligations to publish his opinions or principies: bttt wlien lie eets himself up for the euíFroge of the pcoplc, iliey consider that they hnvc a righi lo q'iestion hiin on all subjeeis of public interest; and no one wlo wants popular favors darc den}' that right. If he should picad ignoronce or indifferente, lie would be considered unf.t for a pu! lic station. If he nvoided nn answer thro' fear ol losing votes, or in hopes of pain from o'hcr partics. it would be an oct of unpardonnble ilupiiciiy og wiih nn individual candidatc, bo wiih a party that b o candidale for powur. - Tlie Lihcriy pnrty i constontly soütiting ihc aid and suppurt of tho pcoplr. Tlicy domand hor principie and shc rclurns thoio evasive onswers wliicíí would blast tho prospecte of nn individual poliiician. Iet his lalents be ever so grent. Slie howo.vcr quoti&es luir posilion, snying wc only n6k you to nsnibi us in ovorthrowing tho Slaye Power, and no oihcr subject will wc meddlc w'nh or touch. Bui 8-iy tho pcoplc, you ask us lo put the admini9trnion of our gocrnnicnt into your honds; and that will impose other dinies beside the overihrow of pluvery: if you cannot or will not ftillll thoso duties, wc bnve a right lo know in what innnner you propose to doit, if in necordanre with the principies of Jueticc and Equíiy. we shall believe yóu inicnd to aboish 8lnvcry. if not in accordnnce v.iih thoso princi plcp, you are domado Mies nnd hypocriirs, sceking only for place nnd power; and wo dcinstid thc test before we givo you our von-s. 'I'lio quesin lor us now to decido in thie - sluiü we i limour posilion, and declaie our intenlions; ns a proper eelf respect, or jun rogard lor ilie irhHÍencojf iho public would dcmnml; or shall wc not. - Sorno object lo dcclnrlng our inu-iuions. ns üic circumstnnccs of ihe country will bc matcrialk altercd, by tlic linio wc ottnin to power, nnd liave tib lit liutl slavcry, and thercforo require verydiiTcrcnt mensures, lint lotus remembur iliat no difltreiicf of time, jilnco, or circumsianecs, can nlior ur abrogntc 'mIic cRseiuial n ■qum - incnl8" of justicc. Aa wc-ll uiiglit wc nrguc ili.n 11 the ultertd circumsianccs of ihc country, aliery tnay he cxpediciit; as tlial atiy otiicr forni of injusticc niiglit be. Sonic ntoi!unc our Uevulutiotiary Fn'liers, us men ol onc idea, and ns exaniplcs fur us 10 follnw. Tliat will do vcry wolL Tlicy coinnicncril witli llic onc idea ol Anti-Taxntion. Had tht-y not enlarced tlicii creed as circumstahcëi nnd ublic opinión rcqui.c;l; whíjt a cornrasl Would tlicir dcclaration ol aoniiindcpcndcncc hnvo presented; to tliat sublimo wholc wliich ha oxcitfd the civilizcd world! And tlieir miniateri to foreign countrics would liave prcacnti-d thcir pctition in words tonioiliing likc llic füllowihg. "In the nanio of Inimnnity, weentreat yon lo aid our country, wliich i now KHtggtiffg to (ree heruell froni lintish loxation. Wcdarc nol declare our éhtirë ïnïcpcndciw 'óf Eagliind.nsourñtlochJ inent to her is so Plron. thnt ere we to lak iliis Bicp, minv wuuld leavc our party. And bc ,,,!.. wo flin'il liavc tu ii; lor n govcrnincnt (-1 uur .mu, when wc sliall bavc aUniucil tlns i.iw .■uit object Our idea is n i;rcnt one, it works wélt, rvcn bcitcr than wc cx]tocicd: it has cd aítriMis party, nnd wiih your aid wc have no (lowbl nf MICCCAS. "Coulíl ilicy n st:c'i ciso liavc expccicd imy oilicr irtaiinent :han corn nnd conícropii llm 6nofgli oflhcse olijcclioiis, 1 linvo licnrd nono ,,t..r.' uir.'hiy iIimii tliO icferred lo, and le ili.ise in.owurs suflicr. I Iwivc ilic grcntcsl respect fur toan ypbo --l'" ;('- vtcatc lnt one ulon.linviug iny.-olf j.inrrJ tlic ji.iriy iinilor ili n principlr, nnn mlvornu-'I ii un ü " "Ppcnrrd u lie limr i nilvnncc, my m'iiro licing 'ontcunl " Sho.iM ilic L.I..MV mM) fnfl. ihcie n r.ocxcu8!Í.rK.iiiHfrl.oki .jr h-ick tonrff ..!! portie: lins rttrogmAtttinñ thiiá baw "" p'atc ni our t.nciics. I n-r.c wi'h Mr. JJ.rncy il.-U it p .ipdE,iiQol lo qppeal for n.l or Bv...paihy. o pony ihai opoilly Jeclarci Val iliey li ie nona lor „s. A'íidlirú'ch ii.nrcso i. a j:nty %vi... muí boa f lfí lcon lo do or to Pminl"c '" J"51 s0 fundí hr ilie cau: c of IjIk ity .. yjrheq nd.lcJ to tl O gum ol In-r s'nndeis nnd lorg res,will be Milliru „t Uj disbani (lie Líhcny pariy: and llius leave ihc poor ?lav.' wnlu!if cvon a l'orlorn líopk fltót il the nmjuriiy ííwttiM diffur frtWÍ thcsü opinions. and we nre to look to oiher panie to do our work. Hun let na lay oui thui work in sucha marmer, iliai liiey may know exoctly wrtini to o. Lei it bfc comrrciienêivc. plair, k'unple ondniatnkuMe. A id thcn if anoihcr pnrty will be riouod to-dc tforiu, wo wili bu ihankíul, aiul