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Liberty Meeting In Ann Arbor

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At n meeting ot the JLiberty party ol Ann Arbor, hnld at the Mechanics' ilall, Vlarch 28, 1846, for the nomination of Fownship ofñcers, Reuben Hall was callïd to the cliair, and T. Foster nppointed Secretar}'. The following resolutions wereoflered, ind after discussion by Messrs Cowles, Hill, Garland, Felch, Hal!, and others, wcre unanimously adopted and ordered to be published in the Signnl of Liberty. Resolved, That the Liberty party has been organizod, not merely to libérate ihc colored slave from bondage, but to securo justice and equal rights to all men, without reference to country or color. Resolved, That as Liberty men have iin equal interest with their fullow citizens in all poMtical questions involving thoir rights- as ihoy tlünk upon them, and when placed in ollice must act in reference to them, we deern it appropriate and proper for tho Liberty parly, in their meetings, to discuss all topics of general interest, and take such action upon them as they shall deern consistent with justico and tho best good of tho country. Resolved, That we approvc the polilical principies advocated by Jamos G. Birncy in his letter lo tlie State Antislavery meeting, held at Marshall Feb. 4, 1846, nnd published in tho Signal of Liberty of Feb. 23, nnd we desire to see them sanctioned and carried out in practico by the Liberty party.