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Presbyterianism And Slavery

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'JjCl tho chnractor of ihc Abolitionisis bc wlinl II miyin tho .ilit of tlic Judgc of all llic earth, thie is llic most ineddlcsonic, inipudem, reuklcss farce, and vickcd cxcitutnont i cvrsnv. lf the Abolilionisis will set tlic country 11 a blaze, t is bm f ur thnt llicy should have tho fust warming ot llic iirc." - ?ey. Wm. S. l'lummcr.D.D. 'Maaiers and slaves e.xistcd in the primitivc i'huivhcs, and it was a!lwr.d by Christ nnd I)r Aposilcs. Slnvcry is ar o f gat h s .', moois Inj uro, nnd not dealt wnh ns oih'far sins." - Heo. E. Becchcr. D. IJ. ''The Apomliis iliil niii.iii shveholdurs to tlu cluircli, nnd lor thr. board to dt-cido nainst it wouli! bc to impnch dm Apostles." - lep. Bennrtt Tjlr.. I) I). 'l wouM lathor die dnn sny a nussionniy .luuilil iniWt lifü j)ea j)rotes ngainsl 1! (licevils lic may cinne incniiinci Jacob i.telicitli four iromr.n atoncc. This cxamplc iö fot our mii iiciion. nnd givcsua jusi tlic 1 1 ij; ï i r wo nccd in tbid nniiL-r." - Ct'v n Stnrc, D. D. O In Kngland. Scotland, licland, mul tho Uniii'd Sínica nrc 3!)Ö light Hjiisus. The annu■il cxjicjkie of all these is $o8(i,07';Iess 'I'a 'l14-' cost ol building, furnishing and providing for o singlo of tiic line i.i cch j'car. Bonaparte's house, at Longwood, St. 'Iclcno, isnow n barn - the room lic died n is[a slablo, nnd whoro the imperial :orpso laïd in state may be found a aiajtíiíne for grinding corn.