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-J. S. U. Abbüü is giving inthe N. Y. Evangelist a history of Louis Philippe, King of Frcnch. Sjieakingof lus being surrounded by factious and opposing elements he snys: - Thus situated, it is hardly possible that Louis Phiüppe should know any repose. His countennnce, it is said, is deeply furrowed with the traces of anxiety and care. Franoe is filJed with niverse parties. - There is no unity of opinión in the nation. Conspiracies thicken throughout his real ms. Assasins dog his path. He is shot at in the streets, nnd the surges of popular clamor are dashing around his throne. So many attempts have been made to take his life, tiiat he has been called in Europe the Target King. It has long been necessary for him, when he appears iñ public, to ride in n musket proof enrrioge, surrounded with guarcis, and to drive with the utmost speed. It is said thnt whenever he leaves the Palace, the Queen is in the deepest nnxiety lest he should be brought home a corpse. France is n volcano ; ever living, breaihing,heaving. The rumbling of its smothereJ internal fires never ceases. - Louis Philippe cannot recline his head upon his pillow at nigl)t, with the assurance that its lava flood will not overwhelm him before morning.Mr. McCnrty. who is now connecled with the Navy Ynrd,has invented a new species of nrtillery, which wül discharge thirty balls n a minute, or oneevery lwo seconds, for hours together, in succession, and lilis by mechanical power alone, without gunpqwder, chemical substances or nny other preparation. It is efTected by merely putting the balls into a hoppert; he ordnance throw them out #ftJí immense momentum, at the rate of one every two seconds. On one occasion, Mr. McCarty exhibit?d the operation of this invention in the Navy Yardj before a number of Naval Officcrs who were astonished by the forcé and power exhibited, as well as by the simplicity of the machine. About 12 lo 20 pieces of solid timber were united together. forming one compact body. Against ibis piece of wooden breastwork Mr. CcCarly opened the battery of his piece of ordinance, and in less than ten minutes the whole solid breastwork was utterly demolished and shivered to splinters, by the powerful and rapid succession of discharges upon it. - JV. Y. Hcrald. Milwaukie, Wisconsin, has been incorporated ns a city, having the requisite number of inhabitants, ten thousand. - Fifteen years ago there was only one good house io the place.