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Foreign News: Five Days Later From Europe

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The mystery nttending the sailing of a Pilot Boat for England is solved. She went out for news on the joint account of the Tribune and Sun of New York, and Nurth American and Ledger ofPluladelphia. The comments of the English press on the refusal of the American government to arbítrate on the Oregon question look warlike A revolutionary movement in Poland had spread extensively, mul a government had been organized at Cracow. - The lalest advices, however appear to indícate thal the struggle of the unfortunate Poles lor freedom will prove unsnccessful. Colton had slightly advanced and rcmained firm. The priceá of Wheat and Flour had improved. The Tarín was still under discussion in Parliament, with a prospect of being speedily completed in uccordanco with the plans of ihe ministry. There had been no action in Parliament on the Oregon question. The lrish Coerción bilí had passed the House of Lords.In the course of the debates in the Commons on the Corn Laws, Sir Robert Peel informed the House that the Government had already expended L100,000 in the purchase of maizeand rice for ihel relief of the people of Ireland. The intelligence fro:n India confirmed the general belief that the rcsult of the battle of December was purely of a negative character. The Sikhs were prevented from advancing upon the territo ries of the protected states, or froni opening a campaign in Brilish India. They were repulsed with loss; but, says the Times, they wereby no means routed. - Not a man was driven back across the Sutlej, until they thought fit deliberately to withdraw six or seven days after the battle. Fartheradvices from the United States were received at London, on tho war, but they did not essentially change the state of public feoling. It is said by some of the papers that the free trade demonstrntions of the British ministry do not succeed in softening the asperities of the Americans. The London Sun of the lOth, siys: "Amitfst the interest and excilement feit in respect to the Oregon dispute, the chances. in favor of a more liberal tariíT in the United' States, seom to attract but little attenfio'rt. Thai tiie subject is of importanceto our mercantile communily, there are few, howeyer, who can dispute." The Arrïêricün infelligence received in Paris on the 3d of March, produced a decided fall in funds. They afterwards rallied, however, and full prices wero maintnined.