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An Example To Christians

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lublicanaand," in theso times, as in thosc of Christ, nrc often ahead of ';tho most straiteet eects" of Religión. Tlie infidel Mnhometnns are in advnncc of many Doctors of Di vinity on the qucstion of Human Rights. The Bey of Tunis has abolUhed Slavcry in his dominions. Hia plan at first was graduaüsm, but ko hasabandoned it. Hia Jahguogo öqw is: 1 cd be Güd !- From tlio servnntof God (praieed be he !) iho Mushecr Aiuned Baehacy, Princc oí tlio Ttinisian Government, to our al!y (N.) at Tunis. Henee the object of our writing toyou ir to inforni yuu that species of properly conmstiiig of human bcings (o whom God (glorified bo lic [) has been gracious, is very u-tjust, and quite revolting io our fcolings. This nfFtir gave lis no peace of mind iheso inany years, during which we hnvc endeavorcd, as is well known to you. gradually to put a siop to it, and nowit is OBc pleasure to declare that we abolish n the , wholo of our dominion, that kind of property consisting of slaves. Hencefonh, every ono in our regency who is a slave, wc consider as froo,-and do no more acknowledgo liim ns bonafide propeny. Wc have informcd all our governore in our Tunisian kingdom of the same. Now we make known to you that you may be aware of the fact that every slave entering our dominions, whethcr by land or by sea, is that moment free. 'Itemain under the protection of God I'ETThe Emancipator is out n five columns on the "Fiscal Poiicy of the United States." We do not cjmprchend the drift o( sotno parta of the article, but understand t to bo in favor ol No TariflTand Direct Taxation. If tho Liberty Party ehould adopt any financial poiicy, tho Editor thinks this is the right one for tbe country ar.d fot the party. .