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Foreign News: Later From Mexico And Texas: Eight Days Later:...

Foreign News: Later From Mexico And Texas: Eight Days Later:... image
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iy me arnvaJ ol the Bteanishïp Ala mm, Wiiidle, from Galveston, fron whenco he sailedon tho öth nst., wo ar laced in possession of Gnlvcston dates to hc 4th inst., containing imporiant intel gence from Gen. Taylor's anny. Tl.o Alaban.a at 3 o'clock yestcrday norning feil in wit!, tho U. S. stcamshi, Mississij.pi oir the fallase, l.aving onboard our Minister, the Mon. J. Slidell; Win. S. Parrotf, Esq., Secrelary of Lcgation; nnd Robert Stuart, Midshipman U. S. Navy. The Alississippi left Vera Cruz on the morning of the 30th uit., and arnved ofT the Balizo on Saturday morning, but owing to the severity of tho gale, was unablo to coinmunicate until she feil in with the Alabama. Messrs. Slidell, Parrot, and Stuart wero transferred to the Jatter vesse), and the Mississippi immediately departed for Pensacola- We have reccived full files of "El Locomotor" to the 29th.Wo have the proclamaron of Paredes. It is a document in the usunl vein of Mexican official publicatioTis, spread all over with denunciations of the United States, and seasoned with abiindnnt condiments for the taste and pnlatcs of the peoplo of that country. We learn from Mr. Parrott that Mr. Slidell remained at Jalapa till the 28th uit., at which timo hehad signified to the Mexican authoritios, in his last communication to them, his intention of leaving, whether ho received his passports or not. On the 27th the necessary documents, couched in the most formal language, dated at the city of Mexico, 21st uit., were directed to Mr. S. at Jalapa. Through some mistake they went to Vera Cruz and from thence were transmitted by our Consul to Mr. S. A sepárale and distinct passport was sent to Mr. Parrott. The treatment received by Mr. Slidell at Mexico and Jalnpa was oxtremely cold, but upon his arrival at Vera Cruz ho wasreceivcd with n snlute, waited upon by the highcst oilïciul digniiaries of tho place, and agnin saluted when the Mississippi left. Mr. S. wil] remnin n thiscity several weeks, unless his presence is required in Washington. Mr. Parrott will proceed to Washington in thecourse of a fcw days. The Galveston Nows Extra of the 4th inst. containsthe following intelligence tVom the Army of Ocr.upation, by theU.S. reverme cutter Woodhurry, Capt. Foster, from the Brazos St. Jargo, whicli )laco sho loft on the 30th uit. She was to sail for this port as soun as the wealher wou ld pennit. Tlie Anny of Occupation, numbcriiig in all 3500 men, arrived and encamped on tho 26th uit. opposito Matanioras, Gen. Foylor, with a company of dragoons, under the Cominand of Col. Twiggs, havng left the rnnin nrmy, rrived at Point sabel siinultaneously wilh the the fleel of transporta froin Aransas, on the 2-lthuit., there being huif an hour's in thcir arrivnls by land and water. On ihe appearancc of tho leef, the caplain of the port- Robriguez- set fire to tl)e custoin-house and several othor buildings at Point Isabel, and made his retreal good tolho rivcr, although pursued somn distante by order of Gen. Taylor. Tlie buiKiings destroyed werc of little value, being constructed of logs, thatched with straw.The cncmy, who have boon roported as in readiness to disputo tho march ol Gen. Tnylor's nrmy, seem to Imve entirely disappeared on hts approach. The only opposition of any conscqucnce lic experieneed was at littlo Colorado, where a Mexicanolliccr, witli about 100 mounted men, threatened to fire upon him if hc altenipted to cross thnt stream, stnting mat such were hu positivo orders, and thnt Mcxicans knetu no f car.I he artillerv was immediatcly ordered up, and tho troops formed nnd commencod fording n perfect order, the water beingncarly to their arm-pits, whereupon tho gallant Mcxican prudcntly retreated without execuling his positive orders. Ho was previously met on the prairie by q party of 50 orGO Mexicana, who iufurmed Genera] Taylor that he must proceed no further in thnt direction. By 1 der of Con. T. the army opencd, andlm party wns permiUed to pnss tlirougii to the rcar nnd then depurt. W hen near point Isabel, a öeputatidn of bout forty men waited upon him bearing a proclamation and message Oom Gen. Mejia, "lied with threats n the usual style of gasconade, to which the Mexicana are so partial. At this moment the flamea causod by the burning of the custom houso wore discovered, and Gen. Taylor immodiately dismissed theing mem 10 iniorm Gen. Mcjia that he would reply to his message op pósito Matamoras on Saturday tho 28th uit. ARRIVALÓF THE ÜNICORN. EIGHT DAY8 LATJÍR. Tho Steamohip Uuroom arrivod at Lomo at I2 oYlock l'ridyy nficrnoon. from Liverpool, íiicliport sho left on ilic l!th uit 8h, had . tcrriblo passago. A constant succeeaion of cale and hoad wiuda impoded her. Sho was frcquently cmbayed in fiolda of ico, and had to put into St. John'a fot coal. Tho Troasury ordor has been ssued (o admit he followingarticleflatrctiuccdduucd iohíwiu: bond boing yiveii 10 pay thc oíd rnte of duiy i iho measurc faili in rarliamcni: Cuckwheat and Judian Corn, une shilling per qunrtcr ; Uiickwhoat nica! onc shilling perewt.; ludían ineal 4A cents per cwt.The unfavorable nows by iho stoamcr Cimbria Ind but Jinlc eiTeci in m ing the colion mnrkct. Th? mies during Uio week preriousto iho I9th of RIarch had uinounied lo 1 0,000 bales. Tho MondiMter rad Yorkghirc m.rkets nrc inactivo. Lnrgc sfocks nnd reccding ,,riC0B. Government had imponed 1OO.ÜOJ tiuarfers of inrfian ('om. An cflbrt is boing made to reduce tlio dutija on tea. United Siaics wheal wna worth 8s 9da Ds in Livcr.oa!, fyr red, und üá Gda 10a wliitc. VER Y LATE FROM CHINA.ine commercial treaty betwecn the United States government and tHe Celestial Lmpiro had been ratified on the 29th December, by the Chineso conimissioners and Commodore Biddlc.