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Kidnapping In Ohio

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There has been grent excitement in Ohio in consequenco of tho kidnapping ofacolored man named Jerry Pliinnev from Columbus. He was seized by n number of persons, and a portion of the act relating to fugitive slaves was read to him as a Eorl of sham trial. He was then tnken ofi'by way of Cincinnati. An immense public meel ing was held in Columbus, and Gov. Bartley issued requistions to the Governor of Kentuclcy lor the delivery of the kidnnppers.whercupon Governor Owsely issued a writ, directing them to be arrested nnd laken bcforo the Circuit Court of the Franklin District, for the purpose of mjuiring into Uie aflair. The case was cxamined nnd.irgucu on ine part ol the State of Oliio, by Mr. WilHam Johnson, and for ihe prisoners, by Charles S. Morchead, Esq., and in tl1C courso of :he examination, evidence wasbrought to provo that Pliinney was n slave ; that ho was taken to Ohio expressly in opposition to tlio wishes of his owner ; and that Forbes and Annitage, in arresting him, were acting under a legally executed power to do so, grantedtothem by Mrs. Long theowncr of Phinney. The points of the law involved were nrgued with great ability and nculeness, and the decisión of the Judge was delivered on Monday last, in refusal of the demand for tho delivery of Forbes and Arniitage. It is certain, however, that Jerry had livcd in Ohio as a freeman 16 yeara. VVo have not room for any more pnrticulars Chis week.