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Young Men's State Liberty Association

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lp anotlicr column will be found a noticeof the nnnual meeling of the Young Mon's State Liberty associution, in Ihis villago, June 3. This association was organized aboul a year since by the Anlislavery Young Men of the State. It s not a party organizaron, but so far as il is conslituled politicnlly, il only reqttfrès Ihe withholding of political support frc.m Slaveholders- a course which it would seem no true hearted nortliern lrecinan could for a moment object to : for, as Cussius Clay haa well said, every slavelioldcr necessari]y livca down the foundation principies of liopublicanism and Christmnity. Tlic Associationhereforc, presen a comnion ground on which all consistent oppononts of Slavery cnn unfte.We undersland that Jackson Counly is inlending to send a full dclegation, and we hope to meet with representaties frora every part of the State. We trust the Young Men of Washtenaw will nlso be generally present. We would invite those who have never acted wilh any antislavcry society to come in to this meeting, and becomo acquaintcd witli the members and objeela of this Association.