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Superior Intollcctual Endowmení,wljen Uniled To A Conversnn...

Superior Intollcctual Endowmení,wljen Uniled To A Conversnn... image
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Superior intollcctual endowmení,wljen uniled to a conversnncy with public business, are always welcomed by any parly. íf the possessor quits, for a season, tlie paríy to which ho has Jong been attached, and joins hinsclfto the most hostile one willi it, he wíl] bo abused ; and lio will bo chnrged with all manner of unfaithfulncss- and treachery; Me Í3 gladly reccived, however, by the party, to which he has nttached himself, and, nolwithsianding all that is said, trustcd by it.- They only calcúlate on the use of h$ Lalcnls in their behalf. These, they think, they can bind to themselves by inlcrcst. Thercfore, they trust liim. The neophytes think him honest - whilst the experienced partían knows ho ia dishonest. Should ho wïsli to return to the party, which he has leít, he can do so at any timo, and in despite of all that has been said. And although a greal denl of it tn.iy have been truty said, too, - yot he will bo joyfully received again ; and now, as usdishonesly is more apparent, greater attempts will bo tnado to bind bis interest to them. He will be as much,