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Pureunnt to public noticc, the friends of Libcuy of (lic Couüty of Lcnnwee mul in Cuuniy Convention at tho Couri House, in the viftage of Adrián. On motion. Stephen Allen was called tn tlit Chair, fiml JBeiij. G. Duifee, npppinted Stcrotnry. On mution, votod thal vo form aurelvcs inio a County Antislavory Sucieiy, hou on motion. n Comniitioo conaiïjiiiig of Win. C. Warner. JoFcph S. Peters, Wrn. Dollbenr, nncJ Denj. C. Durfoo, werc oppoirjrteU tu drñfl a consiiiuiion for eaid society. During ilic n!s?ncc of tlio bove cornniittce. Henry Tripp of Frnnkliu, introtluced tho foüowinit Resihition: ltcsofveJ, Tint tliiüConvcniion áop t!io sentiniciits Cürjtaincd fn Jatncs (J. Dirriry's letter to tho Chnirman of tlie losi Ami-slav-Sry Convention huid at iMiirsliiill, on !■'■!. l.i-::. Paysed. Mr, Tripp modo sumo reinarks in support o( tho nifirmative of iho obovo föaolutiori and ivns followcd by L. P. Poikina in ihe negativo 01 somo longth. ulier which, Mr. 'IVipp wilhdrcw his rnotiuns, to givo place lor ilio abovo comniit too to report. Aftcr an absence of sonictimc, tho committec reported a consiitution. which wiih some aniend moiits, was unanimously adopted by tho Convention.The report of tho abovc coinmitice, a!so included tho report of the names of oflicers ibr eaid 8ociety ns follows: a President and one Vicc Presidom in each townshipuf tho County, llecordinj; and Corrosponding Spcrotnry, and Tronsurer. Tho following aro the oiTicers of the Society. SjKPHZK Ai.lf.n, Prcsidont. Vice Pkkbiukmts. Ilonry Tripp, of FrnnMin; Itanj, C. Duift'C, of Medina; Benj. I LewiH, oí Pnlmyia; Itcubcn Hnll, of llnisin; Ivo8 II. Miles, of Tccumsch; Abnor Stanley, of Fairfidd; Thomn8 Tübor, of Adrián: Geo. L. Cruno, of Mudison; Joel Carpcnter, oí Blissfield; Abratn li. Vnrnum, of Seneen; Wm. Steaw, of IJndson; Krasius Aldrich, of Rollin; Jnnies McDinniii, of Woodstock; Muriin P. Siuckwcll, of Dover; E. llubbard, of Ogden; James II. Pnrker, ot Rome; ilenrick Willcy, of Ilign; Pnul Goddie, of Cambridge, i Jicco rd ing Sceretdry; L. P. Per luns. Corresponding Secrctary and Trtasuver; An80 n Backus. Voted, that the Preaident and Vicü Presidents of Adnan nnd MHdison, theRccoiditig Sccretury and Treasurer, shnll conslitute tlio Executive Gomiiiitttu of 8aid Sociciy, wj'th power to fiJl allvucancies that muy occur duritfg ihe currcnt year; also to cmploy a Icciurers for sffitl Contal y and to procure iraels and other ducuinents for distribulion. On moiiun, iho f!!ovingiesoluti.ns were roud and unaniinoiisly adopicd. Resolved, Tliai the Corri-spouding Srcrci: ry ó of this Socieiy bd insiruciud fo inniediuielv corrcsj)oinl wiili enchof tlic Vice I'rosidems oí s.iiii .Socieiy. rölotivé 10 towrisIiTp orrgahiiotlönj al the same lime inföfniing each of ilic dosígri to form tównainp Socictics, and :o urgo isimmcdiaio ncconnilislinient. Resolved. That iho Sccretnry ofTïiis Convention he iiidirucied fo forward a copy of the proceodinga of ih same to the Signal of Liberty for iiiililiciitioii. On inotion, the Convent ion ndjomiicd.