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The last Cincinnati Herald is down upon our "Circular" in three long columns of brevier. Such an avalanche of argument we are necessarily unable to meet this week. But in another col'jmn will be found a summary of the doctrine o the Editor on the "Position and Mission of the Liberty Party." By a careful perusal of that it will be seen that the main diiference between us and the Edi tor isone rnther of lime ihnn of principie He shows the influence of our One Idea in determining the other political tenden cies of the party. He is for letting these tendencies work, till the Liberty Party shall all be leavened ; and then, he says 'should any new question come up as a le gitimate subject for its action, il will ap ply, promptly and harmoniously its Prin tiples." So we believe ; and though the Edito of the Herald is "glad" that "exigency' has not yet arrfved, yet he findo il even at the door, and was the occasion of hi writing this very paragraph. Tliis new "question" is - will we uo anything for the Rights of White Men ; or wlil we confine all our labors to the welfare of the Colored Man ? This question must be met ; and the argument of thrce columns made by the Herald against our proposal to act in a party capacity for the rights of the White Man,is mostsatisfactory evidence that ihe question has come before him, and that he feels its pressure.But we cannot enlarge lo day ; anc we will only say,that this movement can not be expected to be simullaneous, or make equal progression in 70,000 minds at once. It must begin with some per sons and in some localities ; and we have the fullest confidence that if we exercise one towards another that courtesy, pa tience and forbearance which we ough to exhibit, we sholl arrive oc to the same general platform, and be prepared to ac on all subjects with unanimity and en ergy.