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Slavery In Oregon

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The following extract iïom the pröceedings in the House of Representatives of Washington, April 17, scem to show that the Slaveholdcrs aro disposed if they cun, lo exlcnd Slavcry beyond the Uocky Mountnins. lt would be astonishing to ind 67 republican Representativos vote ogninst the prohibition of Slavery in n new country, had we not seen so muchof their zeal lbr the propagation of this jjrcat Human Curse. But in this great work, tlioso two idols of llepublicans, [Ienry Clay and Jolm C. Calhoun, have led the way. They having atlained distinction and honor as the propagnndists of Slavery, the inferior spirits will of course follow in their tracks.4: And be t further enacted, That provisión shall hereafter be made by law to secure and granito every white person, male or female, over the age oí" eighteen years, thrce itundred and twenty acres of land; and to every white person, mule or lemaie, under the nge of eighteen years, ono hundred and sixty acres of land, who shall have resided in the said territory described in the lirst section of this act for five consecutive years, to commence within three years from the passage of this act. Mr. Giddings moved to strike out the word "white." The motion was lost. - Subsequently, Mr. Winthrop, of Massachusetts, moved to add to the bill the following section : - And be it furthcr enacted, That involuntary servitude, except for crimes, shall not exist in the territory oflho United States to which this bilí relates. Mr. Tilden moved too add to the section the followihg : - "And no distinction shall be made in said territory on account of color. This was lost. And the rjuestion was put on Mr. Winthrop's amendment, and it was also lost ; Ayes noes 67."