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AVc are well aware that the Whigs of Ibis State, at the coming Congrossionul eleetion, wijl make evèry exertion lo draw in tlic Liberty party to the support of their Whfg caddidntes; They will labor at tliisthe more diiigently, becnuse they have no hopo ofsuccessin any other way. This is especially true in the Second District. The Marshall Stalesman, with an openness and simplicitj. quite remarkablc, in a leader addressec "to the Politicol Abolitionists," inform them that this is the design of the Whigs in that District, and even goes so far as to enumérate the men, whom, if nominated tisexpectcd that Liberty men of tha District will support. It na mos 'Gordon Taylor, Williams, Wells, Bostwick' - all zealous supporters of Slaveholdo Clay - as fit persons to receive Liberty votes. The wriler probably does no believe in the oíd saying that you can' catch ílies with vinegar ; for while he is very fast to get the votes ot Abolitionists for his anticipated proslavery candidatos, he grossly insults them by attributing to them the election of that disgrace to the District - John S. Chipman. - What couhl be more absurd? EveryLiberty man voted for a candidato o sense, intclligence and virtue, as far re moved in character and principie f rom John S. Chipman, as heaven is from hell Yet he impudently tells them, "by doing as youdid in 1844, you can re-elecl John S. Chipman"! However, the Statesman says tha "what is done cannot be undone," an( as he doubts hot some Liberty rnen are sorry they supported their Liberty candidate, and he thinks all the others ought lo be, he will not indulge in "acrimonious reflections," but hopos they will seriously reflect on their ways, and next time voto the Whig ticket whoever may be the nominee : for he assures them that "there can be no possibilüy ofoutmaking a wrong selection.'The article is quite a curious one, on account of its straight forward simplicity. We rather think it must have boen the production ofsoine new beginner. But we will soy no more rcspecting it, as inaddition te tsother charactoristics, it ivill be perfeclly harmless.