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From Henry Bibb: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Dcar Friends of the Liberty party of Michitfón, though tfais Is my nativo country. Ium a disfrancliised man in your State, becausc niy complexis not quite sa light as somn others. yet my synipathics have ever been decidcdly with the Liberty party. And for tl:e followng rcasons, namcly: as fnr as I understam] the posilion of Ons party, it has ihotight more of the head of a man ihan his hat, and more of his body titan his coat; nnd for this ronson I liave regardcd tina as nlmost the only hope of delivering 3,000,000 of my Jong degrnded brethren from American bond"ge. This party havo united in trying to elevute the oppressed colored race, from goods and chaúels, four footed bo.ists and creeping things. nnd place them wherc God designod man shotild stand, on one common plnifonri, "bul llüle lover than the Angels ! " In tliis ihey have been umtcdtoamnn for G years, con'cnding for the glorious piinciples that our fathers declared to he sc.lf-cridciit, that nll men were created f ree, and cqiial. For ihis great principie J belicve ihe truc friend of Liberty u-ül ever contend. But of lato I have been rnuch aggrievcd. nnd feil myselfand the millionsof my longopprcssed brcthrén; nlniopt openly insulted, by the attempr ot s.)mo ampng us, liowcver honeot ihey might have been in the atiempt, yet it is an attempt to j plutk me and iny breiliren down, from the high place whero God placed man, nnJ to put tij on ■ par with goods ami chattels, "dollars and cents." I feel cnlled upon as a Liberty party man, as one of i(s advocates in tliis Stnte. to enter my most solrmn protest ngainst the project. This has ever boen the poiicyofthe prosl.-iVery p;irties. They have regarded the calorcd :nnn only as pmpnrty. lïnt f atn dütermined that no pnrty fhall have my npprobnii en nor co-opcration, which does n t think enough of me and my suflering breih'én to hold us far aliove :do!lars an-1 cents." A pnrly tiiat haá nol virtuc, nnd philanthr py enough for iliis, J hnvc no onfidcnce at all in its ever ab.ilishinc Slavcry iny more ihan the rent panies of the ilay. So far as I am ëonccrnéd nböut ivy pecuniary maiters, I am wüüng to lav ihem all on ihe ominon aliar 'óf Lii.erty f.r ihe time being, ind trust the;n wid! ihe p.mvrs tint be, until my ihecrushed millions of hear'-Srken lir::thren are restored to the ri;lits of life, Liheny, nnd the pnrsuit of iftppmeW. This was the "hj'H-tfor whicli the Liberty party was formad, tor the entire Aboütimi of Slavery in the Unircd States. Thcy ani eed lo iiscafi moral and Coiis(iuaional means to efl'.ct ibis ol.joct. For this cause we huve heen cailed men of one iilea.- Wc L'lory in ihe brtine, wc have borne the burtken and he:it öF the d-iv, SufTorcd nnd t'otlcd to -,'ciher. cdritfliïdiiig fcr ihe AÜöIhlon of Slavcry in álese United Stales. But snmc of t'no pariy. it sterns, have hecome "w-eDricd in weil dpin," and -ay we c;in go nó fiither upon the Aboliiion of Slavory alone, and ihnt we must imítalo the.proslavery partios in order to gnin meiiiber?. Btit friends ofLiberiy, it is true? Have vou no lailh in Goti? H;ive wc nm iruili on our sid;;? ye.". and 7). 000 men and I trust twice TO.OOD ' 'nou. uil unifcd in a righteotis cause of Liboti.. j wi'h God and truih on our siJe, we can cQnquér ihe world !But tlte prrnt ipnson rejiy we mvc not gninod faater, 3 bceaiisc ihere lias bron so linie done in Sime to curry on ihe citisc ?o causi, liowcver gooii in i'sclr. will moVo.onward vvhhom ln!)or. Rcligiim i3rf w.ilj nol .-idvnncc w'lliont nn;ins niwi Inliornrc exprmleil locarry it on. for we nrc assurcd ihnt the d;iys u( niirnclus aro pnst. God's kingdom is horenfir in bc l)tiilt up ly adequnte mcans. I for ono hnvo repolvcil Iccvc the Liberty party for B.inks, Tarifis. Freo TraJe: nor shnll nny iliing else ever divert my utention Irom deHvering 3.000.0)0 of my breihrcii Frorji bondnge. I am trulv yours in honds wiih my wiTe aml child. and 3,000,000 ofmy breihron,