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Queries: For The Editor Of The Signal, Or Any Of His Readers

Queries: For The Editor Of The Signal, Or Any Of His Readers image
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Letter to the Editor
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Dors tlio Señale of Michigan ropresent nny oilior interest ihan of people? If tliry d nul. then of wlrw use nre theyl Are not the people's interest ntfficienUy socured by the Representativo body? I think ihcy, are, and il Bol Io!lov8 thnt iho látate Senafe.ian wois-"1 ihan uselesa utcurnbinnce, by delnyinu l)usmc?, increasing exponsr, and rumisbing nn opportuun) tor intrigtiin laWyera an.l oihers u fenther tlu-ii D'sis: unil I (hink 'he present sessie ui of the Lep islnture of this Sime confirms ihis conclusión. - Let the peop'o lo-k at this, sec what these learn ed in the l.iw gentlemen who tulk so long and loud about tho decr peoIe, ljavedonö; how they have imiiüaied. Diengled and nlinost tnurdered the efToris of l.o lest men, wrjo have been cnde.TV oring to próvido j'or the people. a plnijn, simple. cheñp and srieedy reincdy7 f nm glad to sec tlmt Liberty men are wak ing npto this snhjcct. I C'trdinlly wigh tbcm suecess in tlieir endeavors to clear av.-ay i hu prcjüdicea ut'many tigcs.