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Arrival Of The Hibernia: Nine Days Later

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The steamer Hibernia has an ived at Boston, bringing intelligence 9 days later. The accounts by this arrival are pacific, and in the main favorable. The advance in cotton wns fully sustained. - The grain market was depressed, and flour had receded. Sir Robert Peei's great measure, the Corn Bill, bears down all opposition, and was carried through the Commons by a mojority so large ns to leave little doubt of its ultímate success. Money was more abundnnt. THE OREGON QUEST1ON. Upon the Oregon Question, the London Times of Thursday, says - The packet which will sail from Liverpool in a few days will convey to the United States the real impression produced here by the late intelligence. If trn letter was intended as a il. re t or a hostile measure, it has totally failed to have any efiect whatever, except that it is probable Mr. Packenham will be at ovce empowered to bring the controversy to a prompt and final issue. The London Economist states, on what it considers high and unquestionable nuthorily, that the Oregon question is on the poiht of a satibfactory bettlement. THK CORN BÍLL. The ihird reading of the Corn Bül has at leogih pnsstd die House ol Commons byOieíarget majority which it has yei commanded - ninety-eight. The greater pari of the last and a portion of the prei-ediii wet k wns consumed in ihe discussion. Il is needless lo say that public pu. tienes Ims been wor out by the fiood of oratory which hn impeded the trunsit of i?. tneasuri. Evtry avail.ible sirntagem to kiil limu has been put in requisition, and the tacttcs ns the opposition has been bunglinji without beiop in the Icat eflective. Now that the Bill is actunlly in the Fiouap of Lords, all manner of speculation i at work. It 'm as.enod iti wellinfornied qnariers, fhat Lord Stanly will ihrow himsclf inio the conflict with lus ar. cubtDmed im)eiiosjty, and ihal lie wi 1 lead the forlón) hope. A meeting of the Op. posiiion Petra was held at tho Clnrendon Hotu!, on ih nfiernoon of Saturduv, the Duke of Ilichtnond in the char, at which the intention of sTrangling fhe ministerial measure was dt-termincd upon, amid much excitement. Rumors prevalí that the Premier will resire fiom office when the meaurcs npon wl.ich he has based bis rftaracler have pasaed. He ís soiiciious for repose.