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l:iiiie. - Liberty RepresentaTivES. - Thisyear we h&vejive, while we have never had bui one before at the same timo. Six or eight more will be ready next year. - Liberty Standard. IVeW Hailipshire. - Theanniml convention of the State Liberty party will be held at Concord, during the first week in June, The meeting of the Legislature will commence on the first Mondoy in June. Termo il t. - J. P. Fairbanks, Esq., informs us that at a late meeting of the Caledonia (Vt.) Agricultural Society, Francis E. Fuller, the President, stated that during the past year he had made from ten cows2118 lbs. of butter - 211 3-4 to each cow. Besides the butter, he made 100 lbs. cheese, and raised five calves. ITIasachusetí 8.- The Transcript says: "It isestimated thatthere areroarning nt large in our streets, or employed in bowling alleys and billiard rooms, and other places of vicious resort, from 1200 to 1500 boys. These Iad9 are without the restrains of parental govern ment or or tnoral influence of any kind. - Boston Trans. The population of the city of Boston in 1845 was 114,366. A large committee have been appointed in Boston to receivedonationsfor building a sutable monument to the memory of Rev. C. T. Torrey. The Supreme Court for Barnstable County, at its late session, found no business to be transacted. All the enses but one liad been arranged, and as the bell was ringing for the Court to assemble, thelast one was referred toanarbitration. The Legislature, at the last session alteredthe namesof twoor three hundred persons. RllOfle Island.- Thomas M. Burgess, the fornier ncumbent of the office, was elected Mayor of Providence on Wcdnesday, by a vote of 529 to 54. - The Law and Order have every thing their own way, without any organized opposition. The General AssemLly adjourned at Newport, Friday, after a session of four days. NCW York.- The Mayor of Rochester has issued a proclnmation, calling upon all good citizens to render obedience to the License law, and upon all mngistrates and other officers sworn to support theconstitution of the Sinte of New York, that they e.xerci.-e due diligence in the discharge of their pres cribed duty "to take care that Jhe laws of the State befaithtully executed." The New York Tribune makes the following accusation ngainst the Legislature of its own State : 'People of New York! The bill to punish seduclion and adultery is destined to beagain defeated in your Legislature ! The real reason is, that your representatives are opposed to special legislation against the vices to which they arespecially addicted.' Consecralion ofTrinity Churck. - This imposing ceremony took place this morning in the presence of au immense audience which entirely filled the church - services were performed in the usual, impressive and solemn manner of tho Church of England, and Bishop McCoskey officiated. - Tribune. John Jacob Astor has lately made a donation of 8358,000 for a library in New York, limiting the cost of the edifice to contain it to 860,000. On Wednesday evening of last week a New-York mercliant took the steamboat Traveler, eastward, and was in Providence at 4 next morning, transacted business there till 8; took the cars for Boston, arrived at 10 ; did business there till 2 ; took the cars for Worcester ; where he arrived at 4; did business there till 7 ; took the Norwich cars for New York, and was home ngain at 7 next morning, having been one day away from his business, travelednearly 500 miles, and spent eleven hours in transacting business in three different places, each forty miles from both the others. PennsyJvailia - A manufacturer of Philadelphia has sent to the National Fair, a set of bed-room furniture, the value of which is $3Q,000. In the single county of Mercer, thore are now erecting fourteen new iron furnaces, and one thousand miners are now wantfid to mine iron and coal in the valley of the Chenango. Uïew Jersey.- Burlington College is to be opened next summer at Green Lawn, a fine situation on the Delaware river, cotnprising about twelve acres, beautifully and tastefully laid out.