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Make Hens Lay Perpetually

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Hens will lay eggs perpetully, f treatec in the following manner : - Keep no roo Iers ; givo the hens fresh meat, chopped up like sausage meat, onco a day, a very mal portion, sny ono ouncea day to each hen during the winter, or from the time insect disappear in the fall till they appear ín the spring. Never allow any eggs to remain in tho nest for what is callod nest eggs. - When the roosters do not run wiih the hens and no nest cggs are eft in the nest, the hens will not cease laying after the production of twelve or fifteen eggs, as they always do whon roosters ind nest eggs are allowed; but comino laying perpetually. My hens lay all winter, and trom seventyiive to one hundred eggs in succession. lf the above plan were generally followed egg vould be ju9t as plenty in winter as in summor. The only reason why hens do not lay in winter as freely as ia summer, is the want of animal food, which they get in summer in abundance in the form of insects. I have for several winters reduced my theory to practice, and tproved its entire córrectnes. - Ex. pap. Pride. - There is no vice to which the human race are so prone, and none so unsuitable to thoir nature and condition, as pride - that self love which springsup so rapidly in our souls, and leads us to view our own qualifications through a magnifying medium, which gives existence and reality to the phantotns of imajination. Pride commences with our life, jrows with our growth, and spreads thro' all our conversation and conduct. She accompanies us through every stage, condition and circumstance of our terrestrial course. She intermingles with almost every action we 'perform, and every pursuit in which we engage. She attends us tothe grave, in all the pomp, solemnity, nnd expense of funeral. She engraves her ostentaíiousinscriptions un the stone that covers that mouldering body, and when thnt body is incorporated with its original dust, and these words of vanittf are no longer legible, she altempts by escutcheons and podigrees and geneological legeuds, to perpetúate tho name which wisdom had perhups consigned tn oblivion. This is more or less the foible, this the deep-rooted vice of all mankind. Pride appears in the cottage as as well as in the palace ; she sits on the workman's bench as well as on the monaroh's throne ; sho struts driving a flock of sheep as well as marching at the heac of a victorious army. Michigan Iron. - We learn from the papers in the western part of the State, that a large Furnace has commenced operations at Union City, Branch Counly, to manufacture iron from ore found in the vicinity. They have succeeded in manufacturing iron, and producing some excellent specimens of casting. We also learn that good wrought or tnnlleuble iron has been produced by a furnace in the vicinity of the one above mentioned. Thus are the resources of our State fust developing. "Patrick, you fooi, what mnkes you chase after that rabbit when your gun has no lock on it ?" "Hush ! Hush ! darlin," replied theother,"the rabbit don' know that !" Gold from Santa Fr. - Two compa nies of traders - Skillmau and Aljjier from Chihuahua, Löth March, and Santa Fe 18th April ; and Gentrv & Co. from Santa Fe - arn'ved at Si. Louis on the 19ih uit., the former bringing $76,000 in gold and silver and the lntter 866,000. Tiiey are to return, salisfied that the people of New Mexico will :eceive them favorably, notwithstandinc the war. Trade was brisk. Mr. Gentrv was coming to Philadelphia and New York for supplics. Great Flood. - The Pittsburg Morning Post of Thursday lust, gives an account of a great flood in the Alleghany riyer. The destruction of property is said lo have been greater than ha ever before been experienced on this river. A large number of rafts were swept away Three lnds were drowned.